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Anonymous Comment Claims Polyamorous Consanguinamory

Given that many find the subject matter to be controversial already, we try to keep this blog as Safe For Work as possible. Every once in a while, someone leaves a comment that I can't print exactly as left. Such was the case with Anonymous. I hope this Anonymous contacts me through email for further correspondence. Below, if you dare to read, is a polyamorous consanguinamorous relationship as described by Anonymous, who left the comments after this blog's most popular entry.



Have you ever heard that people usually fall in love with someone that has many of the same qualities, characteristics, and looks as their mother or father? It's very true most of the time. If they share qualities of your parents then they also must share them with yourself. This is one reason why people are attracted to family members in some cases, especially siblings, because they are going to be the closest thing you could get to you parents.

I know that when I was a child, I didn't think this was true, but one night I saw my mother nude and found her to be incredibly attractive; so much so that I began spying on her while she would bathe.

My sister, who was  a year older, caught me spying one night. She was very quiet and didn't alert my mother or me to it. Instead, she waited until my mother went to sleep.

After my mother fell asleep, my sister came to my room and asked if she was as beautiful as our mother to me. My sister was one of the most physically attractive women I have ever seen in my life.

We were unsure of ourselves at first, but then we began our explorations of each others bodies. We kept doing this for a few days and then began to feel more confident in ourselves and started to explore further. Eventually, after two weeks of learning each others bodies, she asked me if I wanted to take her virginity. She said she trusted me as her brother to be more caring and considerate than many of the guys she had dated.

I was definitely aroused at the idea and accepted her request.

I have yet to find a woman that excites me as much as she did that night. We made love and the passion seemed endless.

We started to do it daily. Then our mother walked in one night. Neither of us knew what to do or say. She just stared for a minute and left the room.

We got our clothes on and went to check and see what our mother was doing. We found her in her bedroom. She didn't seem mad or upset. In fact, she seemed relieved, I guess is the best word.

My sister spoke up first and said it wasn't my fault; that she started it. Then she let it slip. She was explaining how she started it and told our mother she saw me spying on her and asked me if I liked her the same way I liked my mother.

My mother looked at me as my sister realized what she just said. Those ten seconds or so seemed like hours. Then my mother asked if my sister was telling the truth.

All I could say was yes.

My mother got undressed in front of us. I didn't know what to say and my sister was flustered. Then my mother said "Since your father left I haven't been with another man."

My mother was more beautiful then ever before. I looked at my sister and she was blushing. I realized I was staring at my sister's body thinking about her and my mother in bed together with me.

[We ended up having a threesome.]

Ever since that night, I have been shared with my mother and sister more times than I can count. I have also made love with them alone as well and I believe they please each other sometimes when I'm not there. I am 24, my sister is 25, and my mother is 42.

My sister and I both have relationships outside our own, and usually our significant other knows and sometimes joins. The only time my mother is involved, though, is with me and my sister both there. That's a rule my mother implemented.

I have no regrets and I love my mother and sister more than most people love their spouse. We also all still live together and I don't see that changing in the near future.


Some people find such an account unbelievable, figuring that there is only a small chance of someone having a consanguinamorous relationship, perhaps 10%, and they figure that the chance of having a second consanguinamorous relationship would be 10% of that 10% or less, and thus there's be less than 1% of something like what is described above happening, or the threesome element would make it extremely unlikely to happen. But I don't think the odds break down that way.

I wish there was some formal study on this.

I suspect that if the odds of having a consanguinamorous relationship are 10%, the odds of being with a second close relative are better than just being with one, if there is someone available. My hypothesis is that if there are biological factors (perhaps scent?) and/or socialization that tend to keep other people from engaging in consanguinamory (Westermarck Effect?), and if those factors haven't been present, or at least strong enough to prevent two members of the family from getting together, then it is less likely those factors would keep a third person from getting involved. It's just a hunch. Based on interviews, most people involved on consanguinamory fall in love with just one relative, but that isn't the situation for all.

As far as threesomes in such situations... the prejudice against threesomes is nowhere near as strong as the prejudice against consanguinamory, so I don't find it incredible that consanguineous lovers would be less reserved about threesomes and having an ongoing triad (although other consanguineous lovers are very strongly and strictly monogamous). Also, in these relationships, rather than a one-off recreational fling in which an established couple brings in a third wheel, there is established bonding, trust, and love between all three. In the submitted account above, the mother has adult children who are both sexually active (with each other). Provided she is attracted to men and women, it is entirely possible for such an available woman to get together with both of those other adults. Of course, it would have also been possible for her to decide not to get involved with either of them. Given her awareness of their activity (even witnessing it), her lack of sexual fulfillment, her sexual orientation, and her existing relationship with both of them, I suspect it is more likely she would have gotten involved with both of them rather than only one of them.

If you want to tell people, even anonymously, about your "forbidden" adult relationship or experiences, please see this.

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  1. You know, for a layman, your biological reasoning's pretty good. I have to say I generally agree. It is upsetting how little research has been done on this. Anthropologists even know this stuff happens, but for some reason they ignore it. Traditional societies have plenty of people willfully and publicly violating the "incest" taboo. I swear, it's right in front of everyones' noses and no-one seems to notice.


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