Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dr. Phil is Looking For Suckers

I've only caught a few moments here and there of Dr. Phil's show, so maybe I'm reading this wrong, but here is a casting call for his show...
Are You in a Polygamous Relationship?

Are you currently in a relationship with two or more people? Is one or more of your partners against being a part of a polygamous relationship? Is one or more of your partners ready to end the relationship if you don’t make a choice between them? Are you interested in starting a relationship with a second partner? Is your decision to be in a polygamous relationship ruining your relationship with your children or your family? Do you want to end you relationship with one or more of your partners?

Again, maybe I'm wrong, but I highly doubt the show will respect polymorous or polygamous relationships. The way this is written, it could attract, for example, a FMF triad, at least one member of which is having trouble with her/his parents, and thinking the show might attempt to help them with that. But I picture an episode that is all about trying to tell people involved in ethical nonmonogamy why they are wrong. The producers will probably be looking for polygynous relationships only, and their focus will probably be painting the women as victims of some arrogant or cheating man.

Maybe I'm wrong. I'd like to be in this case.

But let's keep in mind:

1. An episode is only going to have a maximum of 45 minutest of content. That ends up being a very short amount of time, especially if they also have someone on the stage with you who is a vocal opponent of nonmonogamy.

2. Dr. Phil and his staff will edit and control the narrative. If someone thinks they're going to go on there and expose how there are no good arguments for condemning all ethical nonmonogamy, any success is doing so won't make it to air. Do you really think they'll allow Dr. Phil to be portrayed as anything other than wise, correct, and in control?

3. The in-studio audience is likely to be overwhelmingly heterosexual cisgender monogamist women. There's nothing wrong with being a heterosexual cisgender monogamist woman, but the ones in-studio are likely to be hostile towards ethical nonmonogamy (at least by men), and they will not identify sympathetically with any guest on the show who wants nonmonogamy or to be with a polygynous man.

4. The target audience of the show is women who look to Dr. Phil for guidance.

Again, maybe I'm wrong about this. If you watch the show regularly, is there any indication that Dr. Phil would be anything but hostile towards ethical nonmonogamy? I think it would be great if the show had a FFF triad and some of their parents who were having a trough time accepting the relationship. But somehow I doubt that's going to happen.
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