Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Addition to the Glossary: Consanguinamorous

I am bumping up this entry.

I have made some minor changes to the Glossary, and added a couple of terms. Since this blog began, I have favored the phrase “consanguineous sex” over the word incest to describe consensual sex between close relatives. This has meant writing “consanguineous couples” as opposed to “incestuous couples.”

I now think a better word is the word consanguinamorous. It’s a long word, but it may be useful in describing love or eroticism between close relatives. It implies the inclusion of sexuality, but that may not be so. Consanguineous sex can be expected between those who practice consanguinamory; couples, triads, or quads who are consanguinamorous. Some people would call this “intrafamilial sex” or “hyperendogamy.”

Please note that as always, this is referring to consensual sex, not to sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, child rape, or child molestation.
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  1. Keith, honestly, if you could understand the harm that this view of same gender and gender crossover causes to the earth, and the reasons behind this massive effort to depopulate earth by those who also would disarm and then enslave you the same as they did in Russia and Germany, it would scare the Hell out of you, and the natural design of our genders would be a thing you would fight for, instead of against.

    At 71, it's not been my privilege to watch the degeneration and depopulation of people and the disastrous decline of respect for Life that accompanies same gender sexual relationships. Thankfully, this movement, and the promoters, are self-eliminating. If you only could waken before it's over for you . . .

    1. Does that mean if you had your way, you would disallow consanguinous relationships? If so, how would you implement such regulations?

      Furthermore, what entitles you to do so?


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