Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow News Day in Ghana

Daniel Russell at reports...
A chief in Central Region of Ghana is said to have committed a incestuous act of sex with a mother and her daughter.
That is not incestuous. Not in the literal sense, anyway, as we'll see.
The chief in the Central Region is alleged to have had sex separately with a 55 -year old woman and her 37- year old daughter.
Why is this news?
Nana Wiredu III of Asiam is said to have admitted the offence but refused to perform rituals to pacify the gods for what is considered an abomination.
It's an offense? According to whom? Which religion are we talking about? And "admitted" probably isn't the right word. He's probably bragging.
As a result, the daughter, Ama Afull claims her business is collapsing and she wants the chief to perform the rites in order to save her.
Hmm. There are many businesses that have thrived even as their owners have all sorts of sex.
Her mother, identified as Auntie Akua wants the matter swept under the carpet in order to save the family from disgrace.
It seems a little late for that.
Ama Afful says her mother has even threatened to disown her if she goes public with the matter.
But speaking with Nhyira FM’s Naa Amerley, she claims she is being haunted by the situation is thus, left with no option but to go public to force the chief to do what is right.
Has it worked yet?

Someone having sex with one person and then later that person's parent or adult child happens more than people might think. It happens when someone has sex with their mother of father-in-law, their daughter or son-in-law, when someone has sex with their adult stepchild, and when a genetic parent has sex with their adult genetic child, whether it was a situation involving Genetic Sexual Attraction or not. Sometimes it is a matter of  cheating, as in a secret affair, which can get very ugly. Other times, it isn't cheating because there is an agreement involving polyamory or some other form of ethical nonmonogamy (perhaps even in the context of swinging), or there is no (longer) an agreement to sexual exclusivity with the first lover. And sometimes, it is together and not separately, and some of those situation involve the parent and adult child being affectionate directly with each other.

The variety is nearly endless. Usually, there isn't a correlation to negative business performance.
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