Monday, October 27, 2014

We Get Letters From Allies

It has been too long since this blog regularly published letters (emails and comments) we get as new entries, and perhaps soon we will go back through some and clear off our desk.

Yesterday, Anonymous left this touching comment on our Genetic Sexual Attraction page. (I edited for punctuation and clarity.)

I am not in a GSA relationship but two family members who I love dearly are. The fact of what others want to negatively judge not only just breaks my heart and [I] want to cry for my female relative in this relationship so she doesn't have to anymore. The fact that she feels she must keep such a secret from her friends and society is horrible. She seems to struggle inside so much with her heart and with what everyone else has thought, said, or might think and say if they found out. [This] hurts him 'cause the distance she keeps him at. With all she has been through with other guys [it] would be great without the stigma of them being related. Like her, I don't understand why it is so wrong when I [have] never seen two people make each other so happy and love each other so much.

How and why does society make it so hard for them? I ramble and am upset as I type this. I am a very emotional person when it comes to the people in my life I love and care about, so please excuse my explosion of words in trying to make sense of this all. I just want so much to know what to say or do to not make her feel wrong. I can't figure it out myself, which I hate [as] I have no way to help her realize that the love they feel and show each other when they are together (non-sexual people!) is what people yearn for till we die. It [is] just so mind-blowing and shows me how society is a 'hater' upon all of us. If anyone could tell me what to do to help her not feel so wrong... and should feel truly in love and not feel wrong for it, please let me know. I don't care that they're related. How could it be so wrong when they make each other so happy? I don't get it! GRRRRRRRR!

Thanks for listening.

Thank you, Anonymous. Allies, especially allies within the family, are so helpful.

These links should assist you in being there for them...

Advice to Friends and Family
How You Can Help
How Consanguineous Lovers Can Avoid Trouble
Where to Discuss Consanguinamory
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