Friday, October 3, 2014

Documentary Production Needs Funding

If you support full marriage equality, there are many ways to help the cause. One of the ways is raising awareness. Even informative documentaries that take a neutral stance can help because the more that people see relationships that are discriminated against consist of real people who are hurt by prejudice, the better. I’ve previously passed along calls for interview or documentary subjects (see this recent posting, for example) but now I’m passing along an opportunity to provide funding for a new documentary.

Jan-Willem Breure, a Dutch director, is currently working on documentary about consanguinamory, and it will challenge the “incest taboo.” Please note this is not a documentary about abuse or molestation. This is about sex, or to be redundant, consensual sex.

A previous documentary by Breure won the Dutch Media Prize for Best Documentary of the Year, so he is not some inexperienced, unknown character. He’s looking for donors who can provide amounts small as well as large.

Here is the website:

There is a trailer available to give you an idea of the production. If you want to see it, email Breure or you can contact me a fullmarriagequality at yahoo dot com

Documentaries and other media should not ignore this subject or treat it with a negative bias. Here’s a chance to help, if you’re so inclined.

And, as always, if you're in a "forbidden" relationship and want to be interviewed for this blog like dozens of others have been, contact me.

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