Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Zealand Judge Punishes Woman For Consenting

Oh, New Zealand. Like so many other places, you're making some progress but you still have so far to go. Here's a report at by David Clarkson regarding the latest injustice related to a possible Genetic Sexual Attraction case...

A brother and sister who met as young adults have been sentenced for incest as they co-parent their child in Christchurch.

The sister has been put on community detention that will keep her at home at night caring for her daughter – a healthy baby – and she must do a year of intensive supervision.

Her older brother’s sentencing was put off at the Christchurch District Court sentencing today because his probation report had not been done.

And who was the victim of their supposed crime of incest? Oh, that's right. There is no victim. The woman is being made a criminal for consenting to sex with another adult. So is the man, but he was prosecuted for something else, as we'll see.
Judge David Saunders told the brother that he must not go within 100m of flat where his sister is living unless he has prior approval of the Community Probation service.
Now at first, I thought this was due to the man being in love with a grown woman, and it may be, partially, but reading further...
The brother has admitted a wilful damage charge arising from a visit to the sister’s flat when there was an argument over money and a door was smashed.

If he's a violent person who poses a threat of domestic violence, then it is a good idea to keep him away. But he has custody of the child two days per week. So... is he being kept away because he's violent? Then he shouldn't be in custody of the child at all. If he's being kept away because he had sex with another consenting adult (and the smashed door thing was a temporary and singular lapse of his character), that's just absurd.

Judge Saunders should be ashamed of himself for treating a grown woman like a criminal for consenting to sex. He should ignore the "incest" charge when it comes to the man, too, and focus on any real crime he may have committed.

And did you notice that we see again that most children born to consanguineous parents are healthy?
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