Sunday, September 14, 2014

Search Phrase of the Day

People find this blog through various paths, especially some interesting searches. Here is one that definitely makes sense for arriving at this blog...
Is it wrong if I want to seduce my dad
My short answer is that wanting to seduce your dad is never wrong. Your attractions are yours, and you have your feelings for whatever reason. It is not such a rare fantasy. Also, actually taking action to seduce your father, provided you are an adult yourself, would only be wrong if it was intended to cause some harm (get him arrested, for example) or if it would involve you or him violating intact vows or agreements with others in a way that would be kept secret. It is also a bad idea if you're completely wrong for each other (for example, he wants to reserve sex for a serious ongoing relationship, and you just want a fling.)

There are many women out there who have seduced their father.

If you want to know how to go about doing it, much of what I wrote here, about seducing a mother, applies.

The good news is, as long as you are a gender to which your father is attracted, it is generally easier to seduce a father than it is a mother, but that is a broad generalization. One reason is that it is easier to tell if a man is getting aroused. Also, while it isn't a good tactic to seduce a mother by exposing yourself, exposed skin may be of assistance in seducing a father.

In sex-negative circles, fathers are tasked with denying the sexuality of even their grown children, so a father may be resistant to give in to seduction on this basis. Reassuring him that he's done nothing wrong and this is something you want can help.
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  1. Well from everything you said in your blog post, you hit the nail on the head Keith. 'Morally' wrong or right is subjective, if the person asking the question is an adult. The only thing I would worry about (or DID worry about, rather) is whether or not my father would a) be attracted to me at all, or b) be single, or even c) actually be repulsed and result in ruining our relationship. It felt very much like being on the edge of a knife.

    Whoever searched this will figure out whether the risk is worth it, or not have to worry about the blunt questions....maybe anon will be able to find out by naturally coming into a relationship. Best of luck.

  2. from a father's perspective, there is nothing more flattering than to have a beautiful daughter request to know you on a personal, very romantic basis. Roy


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