Monday, September 1, 2014

In a Tizzy About Student Newspaper Printing Account of Threesome

Sex columnists at colleges are a favorite target of sex-negative people. For example, see this posting at by with the totally not-trying-to-capitalize-on-incest headline of "Cornell Student Newspaper Sex Columnist Celebrates Incest?"
A guest article submission to the Cornell Daily Sun on Aug. 28 from “Rocky M.” was, to say the least, quite disgusting and very bizarre.
Oh do tell!
Basically, it tells the tale of two Cornellian twin brothers who were with a woman at the same time. 
You call that "disgusting" and "bizarre?" That's a fantasy a lot of women (and men) have.
However, it seems like this kind of smut isn’t fit for a student newspaper, especially for the nation’s number one college newspaper last year.
Well, then, I suppose The Bible is out, too? 

Breznick was so disgusted that a large portion of the "smut" was then quoted, complete with a link.

You can read the "smut" here. Of course is is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

This stuff happens. Should media ignore it?
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