Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doing What the Royals Did?

Out of Egypt comes this very interesting story, found at, about someone doing what the Egyptian royals (and non royals) did throughout history... have sex with a sibling.
An Egyptian woman who moved in with her husband to her brother’s apartment became involved in an affair with her brother while her husband filmed them.
Before anyone asks... no, I don't have a link to the video.
Sabra told police that poverty pushed her to do so and that she enjoyed sleeping with her brother more than with her husband Mohammed.

I can understand poverty causing them to move in together. I know that people typically report consanguineous sex to be the best they've ever had.
When her brother’s wife discovered the relationship, she angrily left home
Ah, so this was cheating?
and went to live with her brother.
After telling her brother why she left, he proposed that they all sleep together in the same bed.

Interesting. Was this adapted from something printed by Penthouse? If this is serious, my guess is that some of the people involved had this planned out.
“My husband knows about this and to be frank, he encouraged me to do this.

“He even films us when I have sex with my brother. It became an addiction.”
 Like I said, it can be an unparallelled experience.

Newspapers quoted Mohammed as telling the court “We were very happy until our neighbour discovered the affair and started to put pressure on us to have sex.

“When we refused, he reported us to the police.”
A rat.
The papers said the couples refused to file any complaint, prompting the prosecutor to release them all.

Which papers? We don't know. Maybe somebody is just trying to get hits?
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