Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is There a Better Ally Than Diane Rinella?

Talented author continues to show she has a beautiful heart. I have blogged about her before, and plan to write more about her latest work when I'm finished reading my advanced copy, but now she's gone and done something online that I wanted to praise. She updated her blog with this entry and also added a related link at the top of the blog.
Yes, I have gotten some nasty responses. (I’m not bashing a few bad reviews. I respect those. It happens. No one writes for everyone.) I’m talking about nasty comments from people who, frankly, don’t understand. These people either take on a “how dare you not see where this is wrong” or a “how dare you treat people in such a sensitive situation as if they are normal” approach.

Of course she got a harsh reception from some. There are people who are disgusted by consanguinamory to the point of wanting people persecuted and they insist that everyone else has to feel the same way they do. It's sad, really, and it is scary that they can ruin the lives of people who are harming nobody, only loving each other.

She goes on to report something very touching. Go read what she wrote

Many thanks to Rinella for daring to put herself into the shoes of someone who faces some very scary choices in life, and telling others, in a very engaging way, how it feels. She has profound empathy. She could have avoided this subject entirely, and not risked the negative reactions, but she went ahead and did something that will make a difference.

Someone who makes movies needs to take an interest in this series. Yes, it would be controversial, but the right director and right actors could demonstrate their craft with this material in a way no other project will.
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