Saturday, August 10, 2013

GSA on Television Again?

writes at with some spoilers about season 3 of Revenge, a television show with which I am not familiar. It sounds like the plot may involve Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Patrick Harper and Victoria Grayson
Credit: Instagram/ABC
There’s been plenty of buzz and spoilers surrounding Revenge Season 3, but we’re most excited to learn more about the relationship between Victoria Grayson and her first born son, Patrick Harper.

This indicates to me that he's her genetic son, not a stepson or adopted by her. However, fiction writers have been known to "chicken out" by making the new arrival an imposter, or it is eventually revealed that there was a mixup at birth and so this isn't the genetic child of the character. So I'll be interested to see what happens.

At first we weren't sure if Patrick would be a loving son or a secret enemy to Victoria, but new spoilers from TVLine and ET Online show that he will definitely be a mama’s boy.

When Revenge returns on September 29, we will have flashed forward five to six months in which Vicki and Pat have “spent a lot of time together building a relationship, on that almost seems inappropriate when we first see them,” actress Emily VanCamp tells TVLine. “She’s just so in love with her son. It’s very bizarre.” 

Yikes! Does this mean incest in the future for the Grayson family? It does seem like the logical next step considering all they’ve already done.

Unfortunately, these articles are usually written with a bias against consanguinamory. Words like "bizarre"  and "yikes" indicate this.

I'd very much like to see more fictional television address this topic with some basis on what really happens in life. There are adult sons who find their genetic mothers and they mutually experience GSA. Some of them have a sexual relationship. Some of those go on to be happy with each other in a continuing romantic/erotic relationship.

Do you watch this show? If you see this storyline unfold, please report back on it. Thanks.
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