Monday, September 21, 2015

The B in LGBT

Assumptions are made about bisexuals that might not be true for any individual bisexual, and there are even gays, lesbians, and allies of gays and lesbians who deny bisexuality is even a real thing. But it is. And bisexuals are not all the same.

Jillian Page wrote at about the diversity of bisexuals, and about polyamory.
It can be difficult sometimes being a bisexual polyamorous person (at heart) in a committed relationship with a monogamous person.
Yes, it can.
I’ve been reading yet another good article on the UsBiGirls site, this one about the different types of bisexuality.
More on that article below.
Basically, love transcends gender for me. It’s about the inner spiritual connection. Not that I don’t love sex — I am not ready to join a convent yet. I do love sex with both genders.

The article says there are millions of bisexuals in the world who do not “out” themselves. I’m wondering if that’s because so many of them don’t really have the opportunity to practice bisexuality, just as there are polyamorous-at-heart people who don’t have the opportunity to live it.
Yes, that could very well be.

That article at is worth a read.
A significant percentage of people experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings towards people of both genders, at varying times throughout their lives. Thus bisexuality is an all-encompassing term. Many find the term too vague and all-inclusive, lacking the definition to describe their particular sexuality, and prefer the labels pansexual, non-preferential, sexually fluid, ambi-sexual, or queer.
Alfred Kinsey's sexual orientation scale allows for a continuum of zero to six. Heterosexuals score at zero and homosexuals score at six. That leaves the entire inside range of his scale in the bisexuality realm.
Some people prefer to simply avoid labels and say they are in love with, or attracted to, or happy being with this person and, sometimes, this person and this person as well. They say it isn't about the gender, it is about the person.
Bisexual people are a very diverse group. Psychologist J.R. Little has identified at least 13 types of bisexuality in his extensive research on the subject. If you identify as bisexual, perhaps one of these will sound familiar to your particular sexual orientation.
I'd like to list of all them here, but you should click through to read the entire list and explanation. Here's a taste...
5. Emotional - This type is primarily either gay or straight, but has intimate emotional relationships with the other gender.

6. Integrated - This bisexual has more than one primary relationship at the same time with both genders. An example would be a polyamorous woman, living with her husband and another woman, with both relationships taking a primary position with a long term commitment.
While some form of bisexuality (or heteroflexibility or homoflexibility) are common in polyamorous people, there are bisexuals who are monogamous. Whether someone is bisexual or not, she or he should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adults. That's why this blog is here.
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