Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Get Letters About Religion and Consanguinamory

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Submitted to you (mostly) without comment is this comment that was left here by "Inkaboutit4u"...

From: [That site may be considered Not Safe For Work]

Great stories. Love and sex, sex and love., which come first? Sex drive promotes sex, and great love promotes sexual desire.

God at creation was very pro-incest. But people over time get major nudity and sexual hangups and pass their personal hangup onto others. God wants us to love one another and humans are best lovers when they are making love sexually. Sex is great because it bring people close together lovers.

Adam and Eve were brother/sister because they had the same DNA closer then any incest couple today.
Abraham and Sarah were brother/sister marriage. All animals and humans were created "one male, one female" meaning everything God created all had incest.

This is how God chose it to be. But today we copy evil, sinful, confused, corupt thinking Adam and Eve and in everyway God creation plan is made illegal. God want all people to be nudist. But if you walk down the street nude they put you in Jail.

God grave all creation at creation public sexual freedom to have many sex partners over a life time. But if today you have sex in public they put you in jail. If you marry many people today they put you in jail.

God given sexual freedom and even Israel always had legal prostitution but today many place they outlaw prostitution and put you in jail.

God was very pro-incest at creation but today they want to put you in jail it you have incest.

So they make major law against every part of God's creation plan. And then they think they are "godly" for doing so. Totally backwards.

Today Christians are under the Law of Love, Not some long list of Jewish laws from the OT Bible.

We are not under Lev 18 Jewish laws against incest made 2600 years after creation. These laws were for the Jewish people only and were for a special place and special time. Most of them it says Don't do this because it may bother so and so. Remember they were living in Tents and had NO privacy at all. They had lots of sexual hang ups.

Today we are "NEW CREATION" in Christ , the same as Adam and Eve were a "NEW CREATION" in God. We have the same freedoms as Adam and Eve and all creation had before they sinned.

But we live in a world that obeys evil, confused, corrupt thinking Adam and Eve thinking after they sinned and disobey God. and they think that is spiritual instead. The opposite is true.

Thoughts? See what I wrote about Adam and Eve here.

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