Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ally for Equality in New Zealand

Adam Bennett reports at about a political party's leader speaking up for equality.

New Act Leader Jamie Whyte is standing by his comments that incestuous relationships between consenting adults should not be illegal and says it would be "intellectually corrupt" of him not to be honest when asked such questions. 
In an article published on The Ruminator website, former philosophy lecturer Dr Whyte was asked whether the state should intervene if adult siblings wanted to marry each other.
Good for him.
Dr Whyte told the Herald his response was based on his belief that: "I don't think the state should intervene in consensual adult sex or marriage, but there are two very important elements here - consensual and adult".
We need more people to speak up for full marriage equality.
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  1. This is exciting.

  2. It's always wonderful to see more people willing to speak up and support relationships between consenting adults who happen to be related to each other.
    -Liz Smith

  3. " Dr Whyte [...] said he was not prepared to avoid difficult questions like that about incest as other politicians might. 'Maybe I should, but it seems to me the people who find ways around it and avoid it are being less virtuous than me... I would have to be inconsistent, I would have to be intellectually corrupt.' "

    Amazing. You know, the first person I'd ever seen publicly argue in favor of repealing "incest" prohibition was a libertarian blogger from New Zealand. Maybe there's just something extra awesome about libertarians in New Zealand versus other places. Those Kiwis must have something magical in the water that forces people to be open-minded and intellectually honest. Please, please, whatever it is, they need to export it! We really need some over here!


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