Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shall We Comment on Your Love Life?

I recently wrote about how a brother-sister couple continues to be persecuted by the law. The comments I found here are an example of social bigotry in action, the kind of bigotry that keeps the oppressive laws in place.

“That is creapy stuff..”

“what a bunch of freaks”

“Must be disgusting people. Gross!”

“To marry a sibling is directly against God’s law.”

“Sick Sick Sick”

Fortunately, there were also some people who expressed tolerance or support.

“Morally and ethically, there’s nothing wrong with this.”

“It may or may not be a wholesome thing for brother and sister to have sex with each other (I have my doubts), but it is none of the government’s business as long as they are both consenting adults.”

“I agree that it really is none of the government’s business what happens sexually between 2 consenting adults.”

Unfortunately, hostility is powerful and dangerous and keeps up persecution, tending to override allies and the indifferent.

There was a negative comment that made a valid point:

The problem with this situation is that the Wife abandoned her Husband for the opportunity to sleep with her Brother.

As I’ve said before, secret infidelity or abandonment is not a good thing. She had obligations to her existing family. However, she was put into this situation in large part by her parents, who should have given her a chance to meet her brother once they were both of age. It is not far from situations where someone is primarily attracted to people of the same gender but is in denial and makes a family with someone of the other gender, only to later realize they long to be with someone else. Too many people are pressured into marriages that aren't for them because of a lack of support for marriage equality.

The person goes on to say something that helps perpetuate those negative conditions:

Forget that she morally screwed over her Husband, but she put her child in a horrible situation both personally and socially. How is the Husband supposed to answer questions from his little girl?

The same way any other parent in a divorce answers such questions. It isn’t different just because the mother is biologically related to her new love.

Do we get to comment on your love life now?
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