Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendly Siblings Don’t Deserve Attacks

Recently, a Korean celebrity came under vicious attack in the blogosphere because she and her brother were seen on video “touching lips.”

Netizens were shocked and bewildered after watching the interaction between siblings Go Eunah and MBLAQ’s Mir, as they were seen to be touching lips on the set of Mnet Scandal. Upon watching this scene, viewers asked, “isn’t this incest?” and criticism of the family arose on many popular Korean websites.

Go Eunah responded to the attacks:

“For me that is just how I express my love for my little brother and I didn’t [think] that there was going to be such a big reaction [over it],” she stated.

Go Eunah also asked that people “stop making [her] sibling relationship look weird,” as the way that she and Mir interact “is being judged [as well as] the kiss that’s caused a stir, […] the discomfort, [and] the [capturing of the scene that’s making it] seem weird without grounds is giving [her] a bad feeling.” She then explained, “our house is different in that we express ourselves very honestly and truly,” implying that just because “it’s embarrassing [to watch] because you’ve gotten older or your family is the kind of family that doesn’t express emotions” doesn’t give you a right to judge the interaction between members of other families.

This reminds me of when Angelina Jolie expressed affection or her brother both in words and her body language, and tongues went wagging.

It’s horrible that siblings would be attacked for being loving towards each other. Any friendly or affectionate words or behavior is automatically derided as an indictor of incest. These siblings may or may not have engaged in sex with each other. Either way, it is nobody else’s business. None of the critics are harmed if these siblings have or are engaging in sex with each other. They are also not harming anyone if they are only hugging, kissing, or holding hands.

It is the prejudicial attitude of too many that prevents full marriage equality.
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