Monday, July 26, 2010

Actor David Carradine May Have Enjoyed Consanguineous Sex

The ABC News website had a long look at what one ex-wife of the late David Carradine, Marina Anderson, wrote about him in a new book. The headline for the story is “David Carradine Book Reveals Incest, Murder Suspicions” – which could be a subtle way of linking consanguineous sex between consenting adults and murder. Any number of other things could have been used in the headline.

The story devotes several paragraphs to Carradine’s enjoyment of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Anderson said she began writing the book long before the couple divorced in 2001, hoping to bring insight into the man whom she said had "intoxicating energy" and a renegade life infused with drugs, alcohol and an appetite for deviant sex.

“Deviant sex” appears to be - autoerotic asphyxiation and sex with a relative.

Under the heading “Incest Destroyed Carradine-Anderson Marriage” the story says…

Her book is a tribute to the continuing affection she said she still felt for Carradine, now eight years after their divorce. Anderson explores the most intimate moments of their relationship, as well as the actor's "dark side."

“Dark side” appears to be - autoerotic asphyxiation and sex with a relative.

Anderson's four-year marriage to Carradine was eventually derailed by incest. She won't identify the family member she calls, "X" -- not even the gender -- though she acknowledges the relationship was with a younger relative and spanned both his marriages to her and to his previous wife of 11 years, Gail Jensen

If it did, it sounds like a lasting relationship.

Anderson writes about pleading with Carradine to seek counseling for the incestuous relationship -- she had even caught him in a compromising situation with the younger relative in their home -- but he refused.

I haven’t read the book, but the article does not make it look as though Anderson was upset about Carradine being involved with someone else; only that it was a close relative.

The incest sparked flashbacks to Anderson's own abuse by an uncle as a child, a trauma that she chronicles in the book with the help of "Celebrity Rehab" psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

It is horrible that she was abused, but child abuse and consensual sex between adults are two different things. But here we have another article that tried to link consensual sex with a relative to substance abuse and portray it as something awful. There are happy, well-adjusted next-door people with good jobs and no criminal history who have experience with consanguineous sex, whether as part of a loving relationship or as some casual experimentation. Some are into other things some people might find strange, some aren’t.
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