Tuesday, February 2, 2010

French Law Changes

According to this story by Henry Samuel, French law has been updated.

The new law defines incest as rape or sexual abuse "within the family, on a minor, by a relative or any other person having lawful or de facto authority over the victim". This includes parents, siblings and partners of family members.
So I take it to mean that consanguineous sexuality between consenting adults remains legal? If so, essentially this law is adding a degree to child rape and abuse charges.

"To be almost obliged to prove that no, one wasn't OK about having sexual relations with a member of one's family was an extra (form of) suffering," said Miss Aubry.
Isabelle Aubry is right to fight abuse against child abuse. However, this quote makes no distinction between consensual adult behavior and child abuse, when there should be a very clear distinction. Love between adults is a beautiful thing.
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  1. If the article is correct, then they have passed a law forbidding the sexual abuse of children by their parents or other family members.

    It does not appear to affect consensual sex between adults.

    This is a good thing.

  2. Hans, I absolutely agree with you that raping, assaulting, molesting, grooming, or otherwise using children should be illegal and severely punished. (Raping or assaulting ANYONE, too.) But both the media and law enforcement should be careful and more precise. In many places, it is illegal to sell/serve alcohol to children, but we don't way that a law was passed against "bartending."


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