Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sister and Brother

It is really a sad that this young woman is struggling to openly enjoy the intimacy she shares with her brother. She shouldn't have to be concerned. She is afraid of harsh, hateful reactions from others, and you can see some of them right there in the discussion, along with ignorance. Fortunately, other people validate her love.

She is happy, and nothing should stand in the way of that happiness.

I look forward to a day when she can not only enjoy their consanguineous love without legal oppression, but without social oppression and with legal protections. It is for people like her and her brother that I am calling for full marriage equality.
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  1. Hello. I would like to talk a little bit of sex, the "technical" part. Nothing much, but as a man, I would like to ask women that are in relationships with close relatives of the opposite sex, be them fathers, brothers or sons, what is so different technicaly with other partners they had. Assuming they had some, of course. Reading testimonies and stories, I came to think that for some reasons, some secret chemistry, sex/penetration in most cases with ordinary partners, didn't work, didn't lead to orgasm/plenitude, while other touches lead to it more easily. Yet, with brothers/fathers/sons, at least in stories where the chemistry is strong enough to bypass social taboo (which may very well be the key to these relationships'success !) about every touch just seems so natural, so in-the-flow, like in a dream. The dreamlike relationship everyone seek inside the box but almost no one find, or see it lasting more than 2 months before the first shoutings and cries get exchanged, this dream of a relationship seems to be common 'outside the box' ! Am I right ?


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