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Here's Some Research, More is Needed

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D., has an essay at titled "The Rise of Brother-Sister Incest." Let's take a look.

What was once a taboo has now become, to many brothers and sisters, a cool pastime and an even cooler way to make money online.
Or, you know, a deep and lasting love.
Brother-sister incest seems to be on the rise, at least according to my unofficial survey of incest websites.
It seems to be. It sibling consanguinamory always existed wherever there have been people, in every demographic. People are being more open in general about sex now, and they are also following the money.

In perusing websites that feature incest, I found two types of brother-sister incest clips. Both were more prevalent than in previous years. One kind was the fake kind in which porn stars pretend to be brother and sister or brother and step-sister.
Suffering for science, are we? Let's not forget brothers with each other, and sisters with each other.
The other kind consisted of actual homemade clips by real brothers and sisters. Many were appearing in “cam shows” in which they undressed and had sex for internet audiences who gave tips or paid for private showings.

Remember, most real consanguinamory is closeted and definitely not on display in cam shows. Any real consanguinamory in cam shows is just a small fraction of what is really going on around us. And porn, like almost all media, isn't reality.

It is also important for people involved in consanguinamory to be careful. For example, 47 states in the US still have laws against adult siblings having sex.

These real brother-and-sister cam shows seem to have mushroomed in recent years, when in the past they were deemed illegal and therefore were rare and far between.
Most likely if they were illegal in the past, they are still illegal.
Often the people in the clips don’t identify themselves as brother and sister, but one can easily see the resemblance and the body language. In many other cases they casually identify themselves as brother and sister and seem to think nothing of their incestuous behavior. It’s just another teen-aged experiment.
He's watched closely, it seems. Siblings certainly could make money with cam shows without revealing they are siblings. If they are living together it makes it very convenient. But there is a large audience for siblings.

In watching clips of the real brothers and sisters who engage in incestuous behavior for profit on the cam shows, I came across similar rationalizations. When one young woman, who barely looked eighteen, was asked how it felt to have sex with her brother, she replied, “It’s cool. I feel closer to him than to any other guy because we grew up together and have a brother-sister bond.”
Yes. That's called a double bond, or double love. It is something very common to consanguinamorous relationships.
When asked if she feels guilty, she replied, “Not at all.” She added, “I feel like I’m using him to practice. We’re practicing on each other before we go onto to adult life.”
Would it be better if she was doing these things with a classmate?

By the way, in some cases they do stop. In other cases, that sort of "this is temporary" thinking is denial and the have a lasting spousal relationship.

On another clip, a brother and sister were asked if they were afraid their parents would find out. “They’re too busy having sex with each other and their friends,” they replied. It appeared that in this and other cases, there is an aspect of rebellion that is acted out through the brother-sister incest. If the parents can have hidden sex with one another, the brother and sister can act out their Oedipal jealousy by likewise having hidden sex.
Or maybe they simply enjoy sex, love each other, and trust each other? We have to remember that people willing to do these things in videos that will be online are only a small fraction of the people involved.

Most of the couples I saw involved older sisters and younger brothers, and it appeared that the older sister was the one that had initiated the incestuous relationship, as well as creating a cam show. The younger brothers, however, were all-to-willing participants in the shows. And just like most porn shows, these shows were most often geared to the female helping male to achieve an orgasm.
In part, that is because a penile orgasm is usually more visual.
Interestingly, according to Brown, women and couples are the largest fans of brother-sister incest. Apparently women are attracted to incestuous relationships because they like porn that tells a story, rather than just porn showing people having sex.
Psychologist Georgia Whelan noted that “Mainstream media can “normalize a practice and reduce stigma, shame and judgment increases sexual desire in many people.”
It can be helpful for people to know they're not the only people with these experiences or fantasies.
The question is, once brother-sister and father-daughter and mother-son incest have run their course and have been normalized, what’s next? Bestiality? Cannibalism? Necrophilia? And isn’t this what happened in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome? In these societies things began to fall apart as rationalizations evolved to justify more and more bizarre sexual practices.
This is the only part of the essay in which he attempts to provide as a reason why consanguinamory would be wrong. But it's Discredited Argument #7. And Greece and Rome didn't fall apart because people were having sex with other people.

I commend the doctor for not appealing to more discredited arguments or insisting that this can only be abuse. He actually seems to be somewhat mild in his tone with this. He was open-minded enough to watch multiple clips. Much more research into consanguinamory is needed, and maybe he can help? 

Although he doesn't mention it, I would be shocked if he hasn't heard of many situations involving consanguineous sexuality in this practice as a psychoanalyst. No doubt he's heard of problems, just like people in any other relationship have problems. The thing is, people who aren't having problems usually aren't going to talk to psychoanalysts about their consanguineous sexual experiences or relationships. There are many, many people out there who've have wonderful experiences and relationships and they've never said a word about it to psychoanalysts.
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    this post may not fit here but I found it interesting if not recently updated apparently. I have it bookmarked but have not read it in depth yet

    what struck me is the poll by readers..a whopping 76% of respondents agree with sex and marriage between all and any kindred. that's very striking no matter the quality of the poll!

    with that kind of support I imagine it wont be long before there is more legality and even the beginning of marriage for consensual consanguinamory

    1. Navin, I'm not sure that poll represents the "regular" public because I've seen the kind of hate there is in open consensual incest support pages on Facebook... the polls on there show that most people are still not ready at all to accept consensual incest.... usually like 90% of people vote against (and that page has about 9,000 followers). However, I've noticed that it is usually educated people who tend to vote in favor. For instance, a poll held at a college once had similar results to what you said.

      So, there is a difference between educated people and the general public...I'm not trying to be negative. It is simply an indication that EDUCATION is the key to changing minds and getting these rights for people.

      Thank you for sharing that info. It is really nice to see, especially after seeing that the incest sub reddits are going through a tough time due to some garbage article. It is nice to know there are still intelligent people out there.


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