Thursday, June 21, 2018

Friend of FME Comes Out in Media

Although she wasn't really in the closet, a Friend of FME still would only make media appearances under some protection. She has now courageously appeared in the media again, this time as herself. Candice Fernandez and Hayley Richardson printed the story at
A WOMAN has married her long-lost half-brother, despite it being illegal in the United States.

Debby Zutant, 50, from Key West, Florida, married husband Joe, 37, three years ago at a registry office after 15 years together.

I remember seeing the pictures. It was lovely.
The duo, who share the same father, claim they experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) - a condition where people fall in love with their long-lost relatives.

GSA is happening more and more.

Debby was 35 and Joe was 23 when they first met in 2003, and Debby says it was “love at first sight”.

They had sex on their second date and moved in together within two weeks of knowing each other.

The pair hid their taboo relationship from their family for 10 years

It's too bad anyone would have to hide their love, or feel like they had to, but people often need to protect themselves and each other.
She had been adopted at age three. At age 35, she hired a private investigator, who found her biological parents, who told her about her half brother.

The following year in 2004, Debby finally met Joe at a family party in New York.

She says: “It sounds so cliché, but when Joe and I both locked eyes, it really was love at first sight.

“For the first time in my life, I felt like a whole person. It was like we were two missing pieces of a puzzle finally coming together.”

The next night Joe, also an artist, asked Debby out for dinner. Debby claims it was then when Joe confessed he felt the same way about her.

She says: “Before we went for dinner, I felt like I was getting ready for a date, I was having second thoughts because I couldn't get him out of my head.
Yes, this happens.
They ended up moving in together, but still trying to keep the consangionamorous part of their relationship hidden.

Debby says: “Whenever we had visitors, we would pretend that Joe slept in the guest room.
“And when we attended family parties, we pretended to just be brother and sister.

“Sadly, mine and Joe's dad passed away three years after we met, so he never ended up finding out about us.
“I only told my close friends, thankfully they all told me to just be happy and that they supported me.
It's great to have supportive people.

Finally, in 2014, the couple came out their families about their secret relationship.

Debby says: “I was a nervous wreck when I told our family.

“But it turned out a lot of them had already guessed what was going on.

“They all said that as long as me and Joe were happy, they would never judge us.”
What a great family!

People who marry their siblings face jail time of up to 15 years as well as an £18,000 ($24,000) fine in the US.
Outrageous! Laws discriminating against consanguinamory need to go!

They hurt nobody by being in love, living together, or marrying. Why deny them their rights? There's no good reason. This is another example of why we need full marriage equality sooner rather than later. Let's make it happen!
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  1. Good for her. It's stuff like this that will show that GSA is not always going to lead to some dark, sad events. It, like any human relationship, has the potential to be beautiful and fulfilling and to work out. <3 Best of luck to this couple.

  2. So happy for them.Like Keith says..its our human right to love who we want.No one else's but our own crazy beautiful.

  3. Weren't Abe and Sarah half-siblings? The Bible didn't have a problem with those two people and their marriage, so good luck to Debbie and Joe and long may they prosper! Aren't we all so lucky that hypocrisy is still not a criminal offense!


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