Monday, June 25, 2018

Another Example of Bigotry and Prejudice in Action

The amount of animosity and ignorance faced by people who advocate that consanguinamorists also have their human rights is astounding. The irrational responses full or prejudice and bigotry don't bode well for humanity.

There are a couple of Reddit threads I found because they included links to this blog. I'm not going to link to the threads because the civil rights advocate has suffered enough abuse, and I don't want to enable more.

She kicked things off by explaining she (her family, really) has been subjected to false reports to child protective services alleging that she is sexually abusing her minor son. It is clear that these allegations are being made because she is part of the movement to legalize consanguinamory (actually, any relationships) between CONSENTING ADULTS. She went on to explain that she is not sexually interested in her son and doesn't see herself being sexual with him when he is an adult. She asked for advice on how to stop the false allegations.

Her thread has been locked by the moderator because rather than addressing her question, it became a discussion about consanguinamory, with some of the usual ignorance on display.

She added...
I know who a few of them are but one reported as completely anonymous and this person made up the most heinous allegations against me that caused the police to interrupt my son's school to discuss it with him while another teacher from school was present. They did not inform me until after they had spoken with him.
Displaying a complete lack of comprehension, one person responded...
Wait... so you back a group promoting incest, and people are lodging complaints with the authorities that you may be committing incest?
There were other comments that were even more clear about their ignorance.

She advocates for the rights of ADULTS to have SEX with each other. And someone accuses her of ABUSING a MINOR. This is like someone advocating that an adult should be able to give a consenting adult a medical treatment and then accusing that advocate of drugging her minor child. If you can't see the difference, you probably shouldn't be free to mingle with the public.

Someone else...
People will put 2 and 2 together. It's not an absurd conclusion to think that someone who endorses [adults being free to have sex with each other] might have designs on [abusing] their own child.
Yes, it is absurd when you see the statement clarified.

Someone else, after invoking a Discredited Argument, told her to get psychiatric help because she is "ruining" her life and her family's lives over the pursuit of a "futile endeavor."  Civil rights are a futile endeavor???

The OP gave some excellent rebuttals. Many responses were removed, probably because they were very rude.

Another response was outrageous...
We're not making you out to be a horrible person, we are pointing out that advocating for this cause will have the horrible effect of ALSO advocating for predatory incest and child sexual abuse. There is no way for you to fight for legalized adult incest without also fighting for these other horrible things to become more common. They are linked.
Absolutely ridiculous.

There were some respectful, reasonable answers...

Looks like you won’t get any help from this lot of holier-than-thou subreddit rulebreakers either.
Remember people, spouting non- or half-truths, worst case scenarios, and hostile interpretations are the tactics that kept homosexuality and all discussion of it repressed for the last few decades. Don’t be that guy who has nothing helpful to say to “one of those people” who is being harassed.
Someone was understandably baffled, being "pretty sure" that consanguinamory isn't illegal. Unfortunately, a handful of US states will throw people in prison for sex with a first cousin, and 48 states will throw some more closely related consenting adults in prison. It's outrageous, but true. Hence her cause.

The ignorance continued in another area of Reddit, where someone kicked things off with...
User that advocates for adults having sex with their children doesn't understand why they keep getting accused of having sex with their 12 year old son.
There were actually some supportive responses. Someone even pointed out it was about adults consenting to sex and asked what that had to do with children. Other people agreed.

Supporting our advocate friend, someone responded that the awful part...
is everyone in the comments agreeing with making up specific and false child abuse allegations against someone because he doesn't think imprisoning people is the right way of dealing with adult incest.
Yes! Exactly.

Looks like it is time to make some additions to the Discredited Arguments page.

The bottom line here is that people who make false allegations to the authorities, especially social workers, to attack someone for standing up for the fundamental rights of all adults, are people who are among the worst of the worst. If you do something like that, you are wasting resources vitally needed to prevent and stop actual abuse. YOU are the one hurting children when you do something like that. Social workers have enough to deal with without going on wild goose chases because someone is a bigot.
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  1. Wiki saays "Reddit models sociopolitical action, building upon crowdsourcing, user generated content,[124] sharing, altruism,[124] gamification,[124] social reputation[124] and social relevance (rather than financial return), participation,[124] freedom of speech, openness, participatory[125] and/or self-governance, new forms of interaction (e.g. #IAmA and AMA) and collective intelligence. The site has been used for a wide variety of political engagement including the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.[126][127][128] It has also been used for self-organizing sociopolitical activism such as protests, communication with politicians and active communities. Reddit has become a popular place for worldwide political discussions." My only experience using it gave me the impression that most people using it had not learned to write or spell, probably drove pick up trucks and had not read a book in their lives, other than Popular Mechanic. Poor spelling is a sign of a low level of education, but another one is rudeness, and personal attacks.. both very common features of Reddit. So why bother with them? Cheers

  2. A lot of social media has a very clear slant. Facebook is very right, tumblr and twitter are very left. Reddit somehow manages to have the worst traits of both the left and the right.


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