Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Can Adult Family Members Bond Too Much?

I answer a challenge at this blog's sister Tumblr.
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  1. Can adult family member bond too much? The only one who could answer that question is the person who is being shown the love. That individual is the only one who can determine how much is right for them or in what form they want it. Each family determines for themselves what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. I have children but they aren't adults yet. Now, when I stop and think about them growing up, I want them to always remember how much I loved them. I don't ever want them to think that they weren't ever loved or that they weren't loved enough. Because I want them to know that they were loved, I try and show them how much I love them in anyway that I can. The only problem is that my children don't like it all. My kids don't like to be showered with love. Because my kids don't like to be showered with love I have to back off sometimes and just let them be. The sad thing is that I know that one day they will be older and want nothing to do with Dear Old Dad. I have to try and make use of all the time that I have with them now. Many families don't hug or kiss. And others do hug and kiss. Who is right? Who is wrong? I like what "Greg Folker's" dad on the sequal to meet the parents movie has to say. He says that he FOLKERIZED Greg. I think it's better if my child grows up knowing that he was loved then growing up knowing that he wasn't. So just because I love my child with all my heart and want to show it, in the end it's up to my child, not me as to what is too much or too little or appropriate or not. Because I love my children, I would never do anything that they would feel bad about. Example.. If I hugged and kissed my child all the time at home and then I tried to do it when they were at school, If my child was embarrassed of that then I wouldnt do it. If I hurt my child it would just hurt me. I don't believe in hurting my child or me. It's called respect. I personally feel that parents don't show enough love or affection for their kids and that causes a cycle of not loving or not enough affection to be passed from generation to generation. Every family has to determine for themselves what is best for them.

  2. What gets me is everyone who says things as a matter of factly like the anonymous user who says that most people say this or most people say that. How can you say most people? Do you know everyone? You don't know me. Obviously. Stop saying things as a matter of fact and start telling people that this is your opinion. We are all entitled to opinions anonymous. I have got to say that I have not met anyone else on earth that I agree with more then with Keith on full marriage equality. You said it right anonymous when you said that "you just feel". We all have feelings and opinions. And we are entitled to our feelings and opinions. Just stop confusing feelings and opinions with facts. If you aren't in a relationship with your parents like this then who cares. What does it matter to you if you understand why a parent and child would show affection a certain way? Seriously. What does it matter to you? Why can't you just accept that people everywhere do things differently then you. Why can't you just accept that it's okay for everyone to be different. Back in the day husbands and wives tended to sleep in separate beds and even separate bedrooms. Is that okay? Is that weird? Who cares! Who really cares what other people do. Do you not have anything better to do in your life then worry about what other people do. I don't have time to guess why people do anything. I just accept the world the way it is. You should too.
    IF we all would stop minding what our neighbors do the world would be a better place. We would focus on what really matters.
    Anonymous... IT's okay for you not to know or understand everything. Nobody knows or understands everything. Stop and think about this for a second. If we go down this road of trying to tell each other what to do then we will head down a road that even you won't like. Because everything would be bad and wrong. Try reading about the prohibition. It doesn't work out for anyone.

  3. I guess for me, I wonder, why people care so much about what others are doing. Who cares! How does it affect you what your neighbor is doing? It doesn't. When are parents, parents, and when are they lovers? The answer is who cares. It doesn't hurt you or me what anyone else does but if you think that it does hurt you in some way then tell us. Tell us how it hurts you if your neighbors are kissing, hugging or anything else. The fact is that you can't tell anyone that you are being hurted or affected by your neighbors kissing, hugging, or anything else.
    What I would like to point out to everyone is that Keith has a lot of common sense. And if you read what he writes you will see that he doesn't just say something because of how he feels or his opinion. Keith breaks everything down into a well written post with facts. Stop and realize that keith is able to separate himself and be objective when he writes. That is class. And that is where most people get it wrong. It doesn't matter what the topic is, people make the mistake of putting their feelings into the subject like mr. Anonymous. When you start to let your feelings take over then you can't be objective and you won't be doing your cause justice. Everyone should take a page out of keith's handbook on how to communicate with others. As an avid reader of Keith's I would love to know more about him and what makes him tick. I would love to be a fly on the wall and know all the juicy details of his coming to make this site. But I do know that if he told us that would hinder his objectiveness and his ability to write as well as he does. And by the way. I don't get paid to endorse keith. LOL. I wish I did. lol But seriously. I just hope, anonymous, that you reread both what you wrote and what keith wrote and realize how you both communicated to the world. You wrote about how you feel. Keith never talked about his feelings. If you want to have a discussion with people and get people to listen to you then forget about your feelings.
    Personally, I think keith should have a debate online where people could argue their case with him. I think Keith could make a big splash in the world with it. He could show the world the truth. And I am not talking about each side having to be visible like a presidential debate. But a forum where people could follow along and see for themselves both sides of it all.
    So, keith, how much do you owe me now for all the wonderful things I say about you. LOL Seriously folks. I don't get paid to endorse keith. At all. I wish I did though. Wouldn't that be cool! Well, maybe not for you keith. I would probably bankrupt you. lol What I would really like to know is where you get the water that you drink. I have never met anyone as spot on with things as you. I would love to bottle that water and sell it around the world that way everyone could get some much needed common sense. Im telling you folks. Right here and now. Keep an I out on Keith. I think this guy is going someplace in life. He has got some serious talent! Im still hoping that you run for President of the U.S. President Pullman. I think that has a nice ring to it.
    As usual. An amazing piece!
    And by the way, I will be expecting my check in the mail.
    LOL. Just kidding folks. LOL I don't get paid to comment. But seriously, I will be expecting my check in the mail. LOL
    Just kidding. LOL But seriously. I will be waiting. lol


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