Monday, November 14, 2016

We Get Letters From Sons

From time to time, people who are in consanguinamorous relationships leave comments on this blog. Here are comments from two different people.

Anonymous responded to a previous comment on this blog's all-time most popular entry.
I also am in an adult mom/son love. Fell in love (and in bed) with mom 12 years ago.
Twelve years! Congratulations to them on their love.
Best romantic relationship of either of our lives.
That's how most people in these relationships feel, from what they've said to us.
No abuse or molestation here, I'm now 51 and mom is 69.
That would place his mother at age 18 or so when she gave birth to him. We'd like to know more, such as if this was a situation where someone else raised him (which would tend to indicate Genetic Sexual Attraction being involved) or if she raised him. They were about 39 and 57 when their relationship became consanguinamorous.

Another response was left after a comment on an interview.
I connected romantically with my mom when I was 38 and she 51-been together ever since.
I'm assuming this Anonymous is also a son rather than a daughter, based on where the response was written. Unless there was a typing error, this would mean his mother birthed him at about age 13, which of course was very young, and making it more likely she didn't raise him or she was more like a sister to him if they were together. There's no indication given how long "ever since" is, but was with the example above, these were obviously consenting adults when they started getting sexual.
I hope you have a successful courtship and loving romance.
That was in response to what was written at the link. It's very important for people in consanguinamorous relationships and their allies to support each other, given the prejudice and persecution that still exists. That's why forums like Kindred Spirits are needed. There is no good reason people should have to hide; rather, all adults should be free to have their relationships.

We would like to hear more from both of these Anonymous sons and anybody else who is in a "forbidden" relationship with another adult or other adults (or their supportive family and friends). Reach Keith at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com, whether or not you want to do an interview for this blog.
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