Thursday, September 1, 2016

GSA on British Soap EastEnders

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British soap opera EastEnders appears to be exploring Genetic Sexual Attraction as a plot element.

Potential spoilers ahead if you're not call caught up!

The Courtney Mitchell character returned, and met Mark Fowler Jr., visiting from the US, and there seemed to be a connection.

Molly Rose Pike reported at

The cringeworthy flirting seemed like harmless banter to the group but viewers knew that something sinister was going on.
Courtney and Mark are actually half siblings but they’re not aware of this fact.
Sinister! Oh yes, terrible that they might be attracted to each other. How awful!

They both share a dad but

Michelle Fowler and Grant had a one night stand in the nineties and she got pregnant before jetting off to live in America.

The Mitchells have kept the secret from the younger generation but could Mark and Courtney’s flirting lead to a very controversial plot? Viewers certainly think so.
This sounds like Genetic Sexual Attraction. They didn't meet until after puberty.
Lauren Branning and her cousin Joey got together before realising they were related. When they discovered the truth they decided they couldn’t break up and continued to date before his character was killed off.

Of course. Can't have a happy, lasting cousin couple even though it happens every day all over the world.

Here's Rebecca Keane's take at

Here's Lynn Connolly's take at
As yet, Grant and Walford newcomer Mark Fowler don’t have any idea they are father and son. And that being so, Grant’s daughter Courteney is oblivious to the fact that Mark is her half-brother…

But in upcoming episodes, we’re going to see Mark and Courtney flirting as they become closer through mutual pals, Shakil and Bex.

However, EastEnders fans reckon they can see the plot twist coming a mile off, with one writing on Twitter, “Really hope Mark Jr finds out Courtney is his sister soon otherwise this is gonna get icky.”
It happens every day in real life. Why should television shows refrain from depictions of this reality? Some people find the idea of heterosexual sex or sex between people who aren't married to each other "icky" but television portrays those things all of the time.

Here's Hannah Mellin's take at

Could EastEnders be heading for an incest storyline? Or will Courtney and Mark figure out they’re related before it’s too late?
"Too late?" In real life, there are people who know of their relation who still fall in love.
This isn’t the first time soaps have introduced incest into their plot lines. Brookside producer Phil Redmond was forced to admit that the brother and sister romance between Nat and Georgia Simpson in 1996 ‘went too far’.
It was considered so shocking an MP urged viewers to complain "in their millions".
Ridiculous. Consanguinamory has always been part of life and has always been part of our stories.

We hope EastEnders doesn't back down or pull a cop-out (as in, they're not really related after all!). Let them fall in love and let the reality of these situations be depicted, including showing that some of these relationships are beautiful and healthy and lasting.

It is moments like this I'm reminded again how great it was that Diane Rinella didn't flinch.
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