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We Get Letters Depicting Diverse Experiences

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WARNING: Although I have edited these submissions, some readers may still find them too sexually explicit for their tastes.

"Robyn J" left a multi-part comment after our more popular entry. There is a difference between sex work, which is commerce, and the usual topic of this blog, which is forbidden consensual (social) relationships. but sometimes people in relationships do work together.

Hi, I am a middle aged woman with her own incestuous experiences and cravings. I grew up with a hippie generation free love swinger family. From a young age I used to masturbate watching my parents together and sometimes with their swinger friends. As I got older I was allowed to satisfy my own cravings and incest within the family, in front of selected friends along with shared incest with one other family was normal for us. Sex for our family was really a casual free for all and I loved it.

I moved interstate with school and work, had other lovers and eventually got pregnant to a lovely gentle man. But was he wild in bed!!! He liked to talk about his fantasies and act them out with me. One day in one of his fantasy sex discussions, he asked me a series of questions I could only give yes and no answers to which amounted to me revealing my incestuous family swinging with my parents. As we lived on the other side of the country from my family I couldn't exactly reveal everything, hop in the car pop over for an afternoon delight with mom and dad, so the talk went on for months. I was genuine and thought he was too as my gentle man got wilder and talked about masturbating while watching his mother with her girlfriends but I was sworn to secrecy so no discussion with his mom or anyone else or that would be the end of everything.
She went on to describe a holiday encounter that included her gentleman, her parents, and herself, and explained that her gentleman died a few years later in an automobile accident. She continued with her autobiographical statement...
I had a choice, sell up and move back east with mom and dad, or make some money and live my life outside my family's shadow. I chose the latter, took three jobs working 13 hours a day and wore myself down with the boring mundanity of it all. Eventually I was offered the opportunity to become a callgirl. The money was a lot better and so were the hours. I had all sorts of customers good and bad, but over time I narrowed it down to good regulars and experience taught me what types to avoid.

So here I am at middle age. I am a mainly work from home callgirl - a lady of the night - a prostitute. I have a son who I brought up with the spirit of sexual freedom. Then one day a valued once a week customer who liked to sexchat began talking about how he masturbated while spying on his mother and asked how my son felt about his mother being a callgirl. Guessing what kink my valued customer was hinting at, I was up front and straight out with it explaining that... my son is probably just waiting for my valued customer to leave so he can have his turn.

Valued customer went wild with lust and pleaded with me to let him watch. Feeling a bit exhibitionist and mercenary, I said that if he agreed to pay a little extra. Agreement made, I walked nude into my son's bedroom, talked with him about this new situation and two minutes later in we walked, hand in hand and both naked.
She went on to detail that this customer appreciated the ensuing performance and he regularly requested similar performances.
Taking something from the experience, I branched out bringing up my own sexchat with trusted customers, male, female and couples. I gauged right and everyone I brought it up with found it extremely kinky that I was doing the deed with my son. Of my regulars, several men and three couples would either come to my home or I would go to theirs with my son and the would watch...
She also describes that one of the couples who were customers made arrangements to get together with her, her son, and the customers' two sons.
Incest can be the kinkiest thing you ever do but incest should always be an expression of love. Lust, exhibitionism, voyerism is all part of incest and I wouldn't give up my life for a million dollars.
Most of the people with whom we're in contact who are involved in consanguinamory are, like so many other people, only involved in one-on-one sex, even strictly monogamous, and like was already said, sex work and social relationships are usually two different things. But we welcome submissions with a variety of experiences. Most of her customers requesting to witness a mother-son performance might be voyeurs fetishizing consanguinamory, though perhaps some of them were vicariously fulfilling their unrequited attractions to their own relatives, or vicariously reliving past experiences.

Someone a little more tame was left by Anonymous at the bottom of our GSA page.
I'm so glad that I've found this site, I have fallen in love with my half brother (we have the same dad) I first met him when I was 15 and he was 22. I have adored him from the minute I met him. Our dad died when I was 25 and I didn't see my brother again for 15 years. We're not kids anymore; I'm 40, he's 47, but what we share is amazing I cant even begin to explain the love we have, but I feel so guilty. I have 2 children who have only just met their uncle and they know how much I love him as I have spoken about him so much over the years we had lost touch. It is so hard because our families would never accept what we feel for each other and I could never hurt my children; it's just so good to know that we are not the only ones struggling with our feelings.
That's one of the reasons this blog is here. We want people to know they aren't alone.

Finally, we got another comment after our most popular entry...
I might as well share my incest story since i read so many on here. Let me just note mine is nothing compared to some of the crazy stories I read on here. When I was [young] my cousin (2 years older than me) and I would do sexual things together. It would all start when we would play together. I would hide in the house like in a closet and she would find me then she would hide with me. She would sexual arouse me kiss me, and she would always tell me to touch her. She always told me to [experiment with] her. She loved that. I remember her [experimenting with me]. We would pretty much do sexual stuff every time we played... I remember I would tell her I don't want to have sex this time (because I didn't want to get caught by her mom). I would tell her I don't want to have sex and we would end up doing sexual things... We eventually grew out of it. At the time I didn't think it was that bad to do sexual things with your cousin. I am 20 now and I never really think about the past whenever I vist my cousin, and no, it's not awkward seeing her. Obviously we never talk about it now. It's just something that is left behind in the past.
This kind of thing might have been experimenting as many young people do, but if she was going ahead and doing things even after he was telling her he didn't want to, that's problematic. On the positive side, he's not feeling uncomfortable around here now.

These three submissions illustrate that a variety of experiences that can be labeled "incestuous." They definitely aren't all the same thing.
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