Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Update on Iowa Case

There's an update on a case we previously covered here. reports at
A guilty plea has been filed in a north Iowa incest case.
There's still no indication that there was an actual victim or that this was assault rather than sex.
46-year-old Todd William Russ of Clear Lake has entered a written plea of guilty in Cerro Gordo County District Court.  His sentencing has been scheduled for March 23.
Russ was charged with one count of incest in November, 2015, for allegedly performing a sex act with someone he knew to be a blood relative in December, 2014.
It is possible to include more details without revealing the other person's identity. Other courts and news sources do it all of the time.

Bob Fisher's report at
A Clear Lake man charged with incest has entered a guilty plea in Cerro Gordo County District Court. 45-year-old Todd Russ was charged on November 1st, with court documents saying authorities accused him of performing a sex act with a person he knew was related to him in December 2014. Russ originally pleaded not guilty to the charge but filed a written plea of guilty on Wednesday. District Judge Annette Boehlje has scheduled a sentencing hearing for Russ on March 23rd.
If this was a matter of sex (meaning, it was between consenting adults) then I would hope Judge Boehlje would do the sensible thing and spare him any more trouble. Laws criminalizing sex are unconstitutional. Don't let legislative inertia become a further injustice.

UPDATE: He was sentenced.
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