Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Same-Sex, Polygamous, and Consanguineous Freedom to Marry

There have been a lot of bus sightings lately here in the US. Prejudiced politicians, talking heads, and some ministers try to scare people by saying that if we allow people to have their basic right to same-gender marriage, then soon a man will be able to be married to several female slaves, some of them little girls, and it will all be perfectly legal.

Instead of challenging these bigots by presenting the dichotomy between consenting adults sharing love and coercion and child abuse, all too many people throw polyamorous and consanguinamorous people under the bus. Specifically, some LGBT rights and same-gender freedom to marry journalists and bloggers disavow the polygamous or consanguineous freedom to marry. In doing so, through throw some LGBT people under the bus, too, as there are some LGBT people who are polyamorous and/or cosanguinamorous. This should not happen, nor should hetero nonconsanguineous poly people fail to stand up for the same-gender or consanguineous freedom to marry, nor should hetero consanguineous couples fail to stand up for the same-gender or polygamous freedom to marry.

True, most same-sex marriages have nothing to do with polygamy, or consanguinamory ("incest"). These freedoms are not all the same freedoms, but they are all part of full marriage equality.

We need solidarity, because equality just for some is not equality.

Stand up to the bigots by asking them, "What is wrong with letting consenting adults love and marry each other?" If they appeal to their personal feelings or religious beliefs, politely assure them they are entitled to pursue the marriages they want, but not to impose their personal dislikes or religion on everyone else.
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