Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update on Nebraska Prosecution of GSA Teens

There's been an update to a Genetic Sexual Attraction situation we last blogged about in June. The travesty of justice continues. Here's the report from
A 19-year-old Nebraska man who faced a felony incest charge has taken a plea deal.
The man pleaded no contest to a lesser felony charge of attempted incest on Tuesday. He had been charged with felony incest.

He shouldn't have been prosecuted at all!
16-year-old girl tells police her mother attempted to strangle her with a coat hanger after learning she was pregnant with her half brother's child.
No word at all on whether or not the mother will be prosecuted for assault or attempted murder.
She tells officers the relationship was consensual.

Yet they prosecuted anyway. Would they have done that if a DNA test revealed no close relation?
The girl was placed into state custody. She had been charged in juvenile court with incest but those charges were dismissed Tuesday.

Well, that's some good news at least. The Associated Press didn't give any names, but some news outlets did. For example there's

Nebraska taxpayers should be furious that their tax dollars are being wasted to violate rights.
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  1. Absolutely disgraceful, how anybody can see anything other than 2 people happy in their relationship is beyond me, such a ridiculous intrusive outrageous law should never be enforced, if the law wants to punish people for wrong doings then fine have at it, but it shouldn't label incest in with it, what these 2 youngsters get up to is nobodies business but their own. Unless there's cases of abuse, sexual abuse etc this is a non issue.


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