Thursday, August 14, 2014

Casting Call for Cousin Couples

Attention all cousins couples who want to appear on television: a production company is looking for you. I received a casting call from said production company. [Bumping up with a corrected email address.]

Please be mindful, if you're not already, that a few states still technically criminalize sex between first cousins.

As we know, there are a lot of myths about cousin relationships, and a well-done series can do much to raise awareness and reduce prejudices.

Here is the text of the casting call...

Against all odds and everyone’s opinion, are you dating, marrying or involved with your COUSIN?   

Are you tired of disapproving family, jokes about your relationship and want to clear the air? Or perhaps you’ve kept your cousin-­‐romance a secret and want to share your story?

We’re casting cousins who appear to be between the ages of 18-24 and are together in various relationships for a new documentary. We’re looking for people who want to share their story.

Please email us the following information to
  • Your Name
  • Location 
  • Phone  and  Email, twitter, facebook, instagram - all contact information
  • Who are you in a relationship with? (how are you related)
  • Who knows and doesn’t know about your relationship?
  • Please include several recent pictures of you and your partner.    
The casting director from LES Casting  wrote that they "produce and cast many different projects for several different networks (OWN, History Channel, A&E, etc)."
The idea is that while there are still taboos around this subject, most couples who are romantically linked with their cousins are just normal, regular everyday people who are happy to have found love. We are interested in exploring these couples stories, how they met, how they are moving forward in their relationships and how they are dealing with any kind of stigma from society. The hope is that through a series like this, EVERYONE can relate to these love stories on some level.
This looks promising. If you're at all interested and may be qualified, check it out.
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