Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More About NY Teen Hit With Criminal Charge of Consensual Sex

We recently told you about this case here.

Since then, I found two other news items about the case. They both reveal that the boy arrested is 17, but both give his name! Most news sources do not reveal names of criminal defendants under the age of 18, and almost as many do not reveal any names in cases of sexual assault or molestation so as to protect the identity of the person or persons who were allegedly victimized. One of the articles says he is "is accused of engaging in oral sexual conduct with an underage male family member." But what does that mean? The criminal charge implies it was not an assault, meaning the other person did it willingly. Also, "underage" can mean 16 or 2. That's a huge difference. Again, if he assaulted or molested a kid, charge him accordingly. If this was sexual exploration with a willing 15-year-old, this should not be a crime. Why haven't the reports indicated how law enforcement got involved? If it was the other minor complaining, that is a world of difference than if an uptight neighbor saw two boys enjoying each other and decided to put and end to it.

I'm tagging this with brother-brother and siblings even though we have no way of knowing. It could have been a nephew.
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  1. Interesting evolution. The media is typically vague about these things; it's usually because they either don't know, or because they wish to make sensationalist articles and make the reader imagine.

    Anyway, what's up with the black theme? Have you decided your blog needs to look more serious?

    PS: You might want to check out a short story I wrote that deals with some of this in a general way. Link:

    1. Thanks, Alex. The black theme is a result of a few complaints I read over the last couple of years that the look of the blog made it hard on the eyes and difficult to read. I would love to have an easy-on-the-eyes custom look, but graphics and coding are not my thing.


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