Thursday, November 21, 2013

Massachusetts Still Doesn't Have Full Marriage Equality

Massachusetts led the way in the US in moving towards full marriage equality, but still isn't there yet. Here's an example of a same-gender wedding in the state to start a marriage that is still denied legal recognition, because it is polyamorous. Kitten, Brynn, and Doll shared their special day with, where you can go to see beautiful pictures and and a video, and learn the details about what was involved in the wedding.

KevCool Photography captured these images.

The Offbeat Bride: Kitten, Fashion Manager
Her offbeat partners: Brynn, Computer Programer; Doll, Fashion Designer
Date and location of wedding: Codman Estate Lincoln, MA — August 4, 2013
Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Our wedding had to include meaning for all three of us brides in our polyamorous wedding.


Our entrance music was Emilie Autumn's "On a Day," and our officiants read the following:

I'd like to welcome you to a most unusual wedding. In our society today, no wedding is really "normal." Our polyglot nation has blended together so many ideas of what it means to be married, and how one goes about doing it, that there is truly no one true way to structure a marriage ceremony. But even by modern standards, where blended families are the new norm, where ceremonies invoke ancient customs alongside modern creations, where in a seemingly ever-increasing number of states and countries, anyone can marry the person that they love, this is a most unusual wedding. Today we have gathered to witness the union of Brynn, Kitten, and Doll. We are here today to offer them our love and our blessings as they embark on the next phase of their lives together. To some, they represent the "slippery slope" we were warned about. In truth, what they are about to do today is as old as mankind. While modern humans may have invented the word "polyamory," or "many loves," we certainly didn't invent the idea. Multiple adult relationships are as old as we are as a species. Every major culture on the planet has had some form of multiple marriage. Every major religion has allowed it at some point, and some still do. Numerous holy men from the Old Testament had multiple wives. Arjuna, a Hindu hero in the Mahabharata, shares his wife with his brothers, one of whom later marries as well. To modern Pagans, all acts of love are holy to the Goddess.
Culturally powerful words.
Sand Ceromony

They discuss some of their challenges in deciding on a ceremony and planning it, but here's a challenge they shouldn't have had to face...
We also had to work with in the legalities of the state. As being married to more than one person is not yet legal, we had to combine handfasting, legally binding documents, and legal marriage to come to a configuration we all felt equal in.
There is no good reason why shouldn't have all been free to enter into a legal marriage.

From Kitten's favorite moment...
My father had stopped talking to me for a period of time after I came out as not only gay, but as also dating TWO women. Shortly before the wedding, the bonds were mending, just in time for my father to be hospitalized. There were serious concerns about whether or not he would be able to walk his last daughter down the aisle. So for me to be walked down the aisle and dance with my father, was one of my most meaningful moments.
Kudos to him and all who supported this marriage. The brides and the ceremony look beautiful.
Some poly people do not want a wedding or to get married at all. Some want to wait until their marriages would be legal before they marry.The sooner we get full marriage equality, the better.
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