Friday, August 12, 2016

Genetic Sexual Attraction is Real

Ciacho gave a basic explanation of what Genetic Sexual Attraction is, and asked for opinions on whether or not it is real. There should be no doubt at this point that it is real.

I think a better question is whether or not it is a problem. I don't think it is inherently a problem. However, because it is so powerful, it can be a problem given certain circumstances:

1. Not reciprocated. Unrequieted love or attraction is painful.

2. Acting on focusing on the attraction violates existing vows to another, or otherwise damages an existing relationship. A common example is a married person with vows of monogamy becomes distracted or cheats.

3. A non-sexual relationship is a higher priority ("I want a brother") and sex is seen as a threat to that.

4. Acting would be a violation of the law. Rejection by others.

#4 should no longer be true when it comes to adults. It is ridiculous to have laws against consensual adult sex, and we should not reject our friends and family for such a thing, either. #3 is a little more flexible. If one is the kind of person who can be friends with past lovers, there shouldn't be a concern. By exploring the sexual side of the relationship, there is a lot that can be gained and less of a chance anything will be lost.
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  1. Your first link appears broken....?

    1. It's an old link. It worked at the time. My apologies.


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