Monday, April 26, 2010

Misperceptions Should Not Deny Freedom

The opinion staff at the Palm Beach Post, in discussing Huckabee’s recent bigoted comments, wrote that

Incest and polygamy long have been caught up in issues of child abuse and abuse of authority. They are unpopular because, in too many cases, they have not been relationships between consenting adults. Perhaps that’s why the taboo against them remains so strong while the public is becoming more accepting of gay marriages between consenting adults.

This is a rather flimsy attempt to justify prejudice. How often do we hear about domestic violence inside of a heterosexual marriage? And there’s probably some abuse in some same-sex marriages. That there are abusers out there who have perpetuated their abuse against minor family members or when they have had more than one spouse should not bar the rest of us from the freedom to enjoy loving relationships and marriages.

We need to demand fair, well-rounded coverage of and teaching about polyamorous and consanguineous relationships as well as gay and lesbian relationships.
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