Friday, May 11, 2018

Journalist Looking for People Who've Experienced GSA

I was contacted by this journalist. I can't offer any assurances of how you'd be treated or portrayed.

Read what she has to say for herself...


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to post out of the blue like this, I hope you all don't mind.

My name is Candice and I write for the national magazines and newspapers, such as Take A Break, Chat, Daily Mirror, That's Life and New to name a few here in the UK.

I wondered if would be interested in speaking to me and sharing your story about genetic sexual attraction, whether it is something you have experienced or if you are in a relationship right now?

We love doing these types of stories and showing society that we should celebrate love, no matter what!

I'd like to reassure you that I'd never publish your story without your permission and you would receive a full read back to ensure you were completely happy with how it sounded.

I understand that talking to the media is probably the last thing on your mind regarding such a sensitive matter.

I really do not want to pressure you in to anything, and furthermore the last thing I wish is to offend you by writing. If you did feel that you could go ahead with an article at some point, I can assure you that everything would be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. There would be no obligation for you to go ahead with an article if you had reservations after speaking with me.

If you were interested in speaking out, I think it's crucial that you work with someone you can trust. I would be happy to answer any question and address any concern.

I appreciate that you may have some concerns about appearing in a feature, but I would like to assure you that it is our policy to always read back articles to the people we interview. I would also never place your story in any publication without your full consent.

The national magazines do pay generously on publication which can either go to you or to a charity of your choice.

Your story would only be on the shelves for a week as well.

I think GSA is a very misunderstood taboo in society today and am really looking to break down those barriers and hopefully get people to understand more about it.

The aim of the article is to raise awareness and even perhaps inspire other GSA people to not be ashamed and that they are not alone.

I am also happy to show you previous work I have done on GSA.

If you do think you would like to get back in touch with me then please contact me in confidence on 0121 551 1004 or 007706254066 or send an email to

Best wishes,


— — —


  1. It's great that journalists are reaching out about this but I can't help but wonder if it's really just all about getting hits and views. I mean once a news outlet establishes that they have regular stories about taboo subjects, people would flock to see, whether they want to judge it or find comfort in it.

    I really hope that these journalists care about non-GSA consanguinamorous people too. They exist too and they are no less human than the GSA people. There are siblings, for instance, who grew up together and just happened to fall in love because of their close bond or things they have in common... These people should NOT be demonized just because GSA is "more relatable" to "regular people." The point is, consang people shouldn't have to be like non-consang people in order to be treated with decency.

    I think it's very important to explore the idea of transcendent LOVE in general, and not just specific to GSA. Though GSA is a starting point, it's NOT all of the story.

    I'm saying this as an ally. I'm not involved myself. But I really hope journalists don't just justify GSA at the expense of casting more judgement on non-GSA. The only difference is one of CIRCUMSTANCE.. Love is Love.

  2. Never identify to a journalist.

  3. media needs to stop lying about gsa cause you assume that most people are non-gsa but not all?

    1. No one said anything about assuming that most people are non-GSA. Only that consanguinamory has two forms. I don't know how many are in each category.

  4. Also, I never said Media was lying. Only that they are telling one side of consanguinamory story, as if it is the only side, which it's not.


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