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Consanguinamory is Far More Popular Than Most People Think

At least, the thought of it is. (so is the actual thing). Again we see that porn reveals what people are really thinking and fantasizing about, and what they like to see. Sure, some like "incest porn" because of the taboo, but others like it because they have consanguinamorous inclinations, even outright orientation. As we keep pointing out, though, porn, like most media, is not reality. It is fantasy. Even amateur material featuring real lovers is only a snapshot of their life and relationship. We have called on people who enjoy such fantasy material to support consanguinamorists. There should be a lot of allies out there, according to the articles examined below. Solidarity is needed.

at points out how popular "incest porn" is getting. Be warned that the language gets sexually explicit.

Bree Mills was taking a victory lap.

While the adult film director and producer had been nominated at last year’s AVN Awards, which is often referred to as the Oscars of porn, this year’s ceremony was a coronation. At the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas in late January, Mills took home the top award, movie of the year, for Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy, a film about a student-teacher relationship and a pair of raunchy step-siblings. She also won "Best New Imprint" for her company Pure Taboo, which produces films that feature, among other topics, “family role play.” And she picked up another win for "Best Taboo Relations”—a category that didn’t even exist until 2015—for Dysfucktional: Blood Is Thicker Than Cum.
Incest porn, it seems, is having a moment.
It's not just a moment.
"You can ask any young female performer what bookings she has this month, and she’ll tell you she’s playing 17 step-daughters," Whitney Wright, who’s filmed three performances for Pure Taboo, told Esquire. Since she came into the industry in 2016, the majority of her roles have involved some sort of family element. "Everybody has become pretty used to it."
Get used to it, people.
Incest isn't new territory for porn. And it's not just straight porn, either. In 2009, Czech studio Bel Ami's website doubled its traffic to 1.5 million monthly users, all flocking to witness the "twincest" videos of Elijah and Milo Peters—the latest in a dozen or so pairs of actual brothers to appear in gay porn together since the 1970s. But across the board, the floodgates have opened. In 2014, incest terms started showing up in Pornhub's top searches—"stepmom" came in 4th place, "mom" in 5th—and have been popular ever since. On the front page of Gamelink you’ll find new releases like Mommy Blows Best and My Dad, Your Dad: Calm Down, There Are Enough Dads for Everyone. Nearly every popular studio now features a family-style imprint too, from Team Skeet's Sis Loves Me series to Brazzers' Mommy Got Boobs.
Videos are reflecting what written erotica has long expressed.
From the Bible to Back to the Future, incest has been an ever-present element of storytelling, and one that has always been frowned upon.
Not so. That's never been true.
Every state in the U.S. has a prohibition against incestuous relations on the books, which explains why a significant percentage of "family role play"-style films tiptoe around actual incest.
If by "prohibition" you're referring to assault/molestation or getting legally married, yes. But if you're talking about sex, that's not true.

Instead, they frame characters as non-blood relations. Technically speaking, it's "fauxcest."
"Every scene I do is always a 'step,' it’s never my real father," explained Riley Reid, one of the most popular adult actresses in the business. "And usually they're fairly new [relations]—like, 'my mom's new husband,' so it's not somebody who has raised me."
"I think you legally have to say, 'This is crazy, you’re my step-brother' a certain number of times," Wright added. "You also have to somehow fit in there that both are over the age of 18, like, 'Now that so-and-so's back from college.'"
In some places, step relations are still subject to "incest" laws, though.
This latest trend is just a natural progression in our society's relationship with porn, according to Paul Wright, Ph.D. of the Media School at Indiana University.
“As types of pornography that were less common in the past—for example violence, this or that fetish—become more and more common and easily accessible, consumers get bored by them and need the extremity and deviance upped a notch to once again become aroused and excited," says Wright. "Few sexual acts are more extreme or deviant than incest."
Loving each other is not extreme. Enjoying sex with each other is not extreme. This is not snuff.
Lonnie Barbach, a doctor of clinical psychology who has written numerous books on sexuality and female sexuality in particular, echoes Wright's sentiment.
"Pornography keeps pushing the boundaries—it’s been doing that for a number of decades, to now where it’s gotten to incest," she said. "Sex has always been about the forbidden, and here it’s just about as forbidden as you can get."
Uh, no. This stuff was popular in the 1970s and 1980s for sure, and probably long before as well.
"I think [porn websites] were able to spot trends in family role play, pump out a lot of content that met that demand, and then put that into all of their advertising, which influenced what people were watching," Mills said. "It became a closed loop—go to Pornhub and all the ads are about family stuff. That helped propel it to the mass popular interest it is now."
It's a reflection.
Companies like Mindgeek (the internet giant that owns Pornhub) compile reams of data about what erotica their users search for and often release it to the public. By knowing what people want, nimble studios can then rush more and more of it into production.
"We are the supply to your demand," said Tasha Reign, performer, director, and advocate for the adult film industry. "What we create has a lot to do with what is popular. It is a business."
They're going to follow the money.
While Reign is the rare actress who hasn’t dabbled in incest-style roles, she says she is a consumer of it herself and can understand the appeal.
"There are many things we like to watch that we would never want to do in our personal lives," she said. "I think that’s what is positive about the adult industry: We give you an outlet to channel these feelings in a safe environment."
This is true, too. Someone can have fantasies they'd never act out.

Incest in the real world is often extremely traumatic and criminal and can have profound mental health implications—namely, because the victims are so often children.
WOAH! Child abuse and consenting adults having sex are two very different things. It is dishonest to conflate them. He continues along that mistaken line of conflating the two.

Several weeks earlier, Debra W. Soh covered the topic at

In January, Pornhub released its annual “Year in Review” report, which highlights the top porn trends of the previous year, as measured by what people searched for on the site. Frankly, there’s nothing more this sex scientist turned journalist looks forward than perusing such data, especially as an indicator of how our sexual proclivities are evolving (or not).

Surprisingly, the top trending search throughout 2017 was “Porn for Women,” followed by searches for Rick and Morty porn parodies—a testament to the show’s popularity—and fidget spinners, of all things.
Across the entire site, however, the top six search terms of 2017 included “step mom,” “step sister” and “mom,” speaking to the growing trend of incest pornography known as “fauxcest,” or fictionalized incest. Within the United States in particular, “step sister”- and “step mom”-themed pornography ranked highest.
This shouldn't be surprising anymore.
As queasy as the phrase incest porn might make us feel, depictions of these kinds of relationships are commonplace in pop culture. Consider multiple storylines on Game of Thrones, including the incestuous relationships between Daenerys Targaryen and her nephew, Jon Snow, and “twincest” between Queen Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Other notable instances include the marquee stepsibling duo of 1999’s Cruel Intentions, Marty McFly and his mother in 1985’s Back to the Future and twincest between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia of the Star Wars franchise, launched in 1977.
As we've said here before.
The 2018 AVN Awards’ nominees reflects this trend, with the category of “Best Taboo Relations Movie” having been dominated by titles that sound innocent enough, like “Family Friendly,” “Fathers and Daughters” and “I Like My New Stepsister.” In an interview with the Daily Beast, Lady Fyre, an adult content producer whose studio ranks among the top 15 on the amateur porn and fetish site Clips4Sale, 35 percent of her videos consists of fauxcest. The most in-demand theme is that of mother/son, followed by stepmother/stepson.
Online forums also reflect this.
Fantasies revolving around incest also aren’t anything new; the “daddy-daughter” role-play is seemingly commonplace in the BDSM community. For men who are into fauxcest, it represents the final frontier in stigmatized sex, and it is this deviant aspect that turns viewers on.
For some, yes. Not for all.
Therein lies the uncomfortable moral question: Can incest among adults be consensual?

Even if we put aside the influence of family dynamics and take the chances of reproduction off the table by way of voluntary sterilization, the majority of us would argue it isn’t something that should ever become socially acceptable.
There's no good reason to criminalize or stigmatize it.
She then makes the mistake of trying to invoke science to justify the prejudice.
Furthermore, a 2008 study in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience found a unique pattern of brain activation that occurs when we imagine situations that involve moral wrongness, including acts of incest, offering evidence that we are biologically programmed to avoid these behaviors.
Some people are. Some people aren't. That's the way sexuality is. People have different orientations, preferences, attractions, dislikes, etc.
The genre itself understandably makes people uneasy because it appears to be one step away from endorsing the sexualization and abuse of children.
Did O'Neil use this article as his template? This is a terrible argument. It's like saying "If you have sex with your adult neighbor, you're going to have sex with their little child next!"

We've seen much concern about minors accessing porn. No doubt one reason some do is that they see their own feeling validated in some material and they don't get that in many other places. This was written for young people with consanguinamorous feelings.

If you are 18 or older and you're dealing with such feelings, read this, and if someone close to you has expressed such feelings, read this.
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  1. I find incest porn exciting..or did find it exciting until I saw examples of it often enough to find faults.

    there is a Japanese mom-son series called BKD that sums it up for me. there are some nice stories in a repetitive set of story lines. as one sees more episodes the slim plot lines get boring and one can get fed up, pissed at the lack of evolution in the plots.

    its the way of all incest porn although that series may be better than most. there are no slut moms in the mix of moms I have seen in that series, a prevalent theme in american incest porn.

    what I don't like is the blaring sexuality, repetitive excessively lit routine, repetitive sexuality. what would be more normal is for there to be a bit of romance, development, un-formatted sexual acts, more normal a room lit like 2 people would regularly prefer it to be..less light, more darkness

    for this they are going to have to get a bit better acting and camera work which should not be a problem save for the extra money production costs. but better product should bring in more revenue flow making the effort worth the while

    for me the incest porn has to evolve, to get more realistic, to look more mainstream, in tune with how incest is most likely to take place in real life.
    the current incest pron is way to crass, sluttish, boring..and some might say demeaning

  2. I do believe that TABOO with Kay Parker was one of the highest grossing porn movies of all time. I believe it is because so many humans, could identify with the characters in so many ways. The acting is above average for a porn movie and the story line weakens at times, but overall it portrays some of the anxiety we have to deal with as consang couples. I am not endorsing it, only relating my thoughts on it.

  3. It is so wrong that people will fantasize about something themselves but go around outwardly acting and talking about it only like it is wrong and that you are disgusting if you like it. This way of being only makes people feel like they are alone and not what they are supposed to be and that they are defective when they are not. It is perfectly normal and healthy to have incestuous feelings. Everyone has their own sexual and romantic relationship taste, just like they have with things like food and drink or clothes or anything else. And I cannot believe anyone even has to ask if there is a such thing as a consenting incest relationship. How on Earth can anyone not figure out that answer for themselves? Someone might as well just ask if there is a such thing as a consenting sexual relationship at all, that is how ridiculous that question is. Same-family sexual feelings are 100% NORMAL and deserve to be treated the same as any other sexual taste, as just apart of someone's individuality and those of us who are of this taste deserve to be free to be ourselves and have our rights just as much as anyone else and not have to go around hearing that we are disgusting all of the time. I shouldn't have to hide who I am and pretend that my sexuality is gross just because other people are okay with going through life doing that. People are so okay with shaming others for things that they actually like themselves. This is an absolute crime and beyond unfair. People like to fantasize about consensual incest because it is a normal part of sexuality. It always has been and it always will be. - Katie


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