Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hate Kills

There has been a long march to achieve civil rights and even basic human rights. It seems that every country goes through their own struggle against the forces of prejudice and bigotry, with the privileged reluctant to give up their powers of discrimination, especially against minorities. Sometimes they even act out violently.

The forces against progress are apparently determined to try to stall their inevitable defeats as long as possible, despite it being obvious to anyone to stops to think that rights for all is our destiny.

The problem is, this is not some friendly little debate over some unimportant matter.

There are people who are literally dying because of the hate and the discrimination it produces.

The haters have blood on their hands.

We really don’t care if you find the love lives and sexuality or gender identity of others to be strange or disgusting, or if your religion disapproves. Does your religion tell you that your god wants people killing themselves? Because there are people driven to suicide due to the senseless hostility constantly directed at them, and for what? For what? Because they love someone! There's no good reason to keep the discrimination going. Finding good therapists and other health care providers and helping professionals, and being honest with them, is difficult for some because of the criminalization of love. Your personal disapproval should not interfere in the lives of anyone else! Don’t want a consanguinamorous relationship, or a polyamorous one for that matter, or a gay one, or interracial one? Then don’t have one!

Stop standing in the way of people being themselves and sharing love and affection.

Be an ally instead.

If you’re facing hate, please don’t harm yourself. Get help instead, and know you’re not alone. You can write Keith at fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com.
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