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Ingrate Rats Out Lovers Over Relationship That Ended Decades Ago

Brittany Vonow had quite the interesting story at The Sun, which I obtained via a link. I'm aware that the people who write the news items often don't write the headline. But here's what the headline says...
UK woman turns in her parents after discovering they are siblings
Of course that caught our eyes, given the consanguinamorous relationship. On to the story...

Growing up, Donna Price’s childhood seemed as picture-perfect as any other happy youngster’s.
Just consider that. She had a great childhood.

Her mom and dad doted on her and her siblings, and to outsiders they seemed the perfect family
Sounds great.

Donna’s world came crashing down one dark day in 2014 when she discovered the devastating news that her loving parents were brother and sister.
Why should that matter??? Did  she have a great childhood or not? What does it matter if her parents were related or different races?
The shock revelation not only tore the family apart, it ended up in a courtroom last month as the pair pleaded guilty to incest – narrowly avoiding jail.
This should not be a criminal matter! That is a waste of public resources.
Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Donna, 32, said she has still not recovered from the shock.
Breaking down in tears as she relived the betrayal, Donna, who approached the Sun Online to tell her story, said: “I feel my childhood was all based on a lie. I hate them.
Her childhood was based on a lie? What was the lie? She had a great childhood.
“There’s not enough words to describe how much I hate them.”
That's so sad.
To further twist the knife, Donna learned in the course of the police investigation that the man she knew as her father was not even her real dad – a DNA test found her mother had an affair with an unknown male.
OK, the way the article was written, especially given the headline, a bit confusing. When I first read through it, I thought Donna was conceived by half siblings, and then her mother married someone else. The word "affair" was confusing. But re-reading, it became clear that while Donna's mother was in a relationship with her genetic half-brother, Donna was conceived by another man. So Donna's younger siblings are apparently her genetic half-siblings and conceived by Donna's mother and her genetic half-brother, but they were all raised together as though full-blood siblings. Other than this article calling it an "affair" we have no indication it was actually cheating by Donna's mother. Donna could have been conceived during an encounter that that man who ended up raising her (her genetic uncle) knew about and approved of.

Still, what it s important is that the man who loved her and raised her was her dad in the most important ways. It is irrelevant that he's her mother's half-sibling.
But police confirmed her three younger siblings were her parents’ biological children.
Donna was given the devastating news about her incestuous parents in December 2014 by an estranged aunt, who confirmed the news through a Facebook message after rumors had started to swirl.
Shame on the gossips.
It was then, at the end of 2014, that Donna reported her own parents to the police, sparking a two year investigation that would see the pair eventually plead guilty and given suspended sentences in court.
Ugh. It's outrageous that it was even investigated.
A mother herself, Donna said she couldn’t understand how siblings could ever look at each other in a romantic way.
Some do. So what?
When contacted by The Sun Online, dad Robin was full of regret – but claimed he didn’t intend to fall in love with his half-sister – who he did not meet until adulthood.
So this was a reunion GSA case. They weren't even raised and socialized as siblings.
He claimed he met her in a pub in the 1980s – and had no idea that they were related until a year into the couple’s relationship.
What's so hard to understand that people fall in love??? They didn't even know of their relation. Since Donna's genetic father is another man, it is entirely possible she has half-siblings out there herself. And wouldn't it be delicious irony if she met one and experienced GSA?
Now 62, he said: “Looking at it now, then yes, it was wrong.
Well what's he going to say now, with the media hounding him and law enforcement on his back?
He said he and his half-sister had initially decided to break off their relationship after an aunt met them and realised they were related – but it was then they discovered the sister was pregnant.
So he stayed around and helped to give Donna a great childhood, helping to raise a child who wasn't his genetic child. How dare he!!!
The couple, who never married, then went on to have three more children, before finally separating in 1994.

Their youngest, Steven tragically died when he was just seven-years-old in 2001, with Donna’s parents breaking off all ties between them.
They had three children together, and it sounds like none of them had serious genetic issues as a result, or the article would surely mention that. So again we see that most children born to close relatives are healthy.

I hope Donna finds peace and perspective and apologizes for what shes done to her parents. They were adults, strangers, who had strong chemistry and fell in love. How is that a bad thing? They stayed together for a long time and gave their children a great childhood. If Donna had never found out what she did, or if she had a more understanding attitude, she'd still think of her parents and childhood as great. The negative effect on her life is entirely because of her own prejudice, which, to be fair, is what so much of society still perpetuates. Donna's life would  be a whole lot better if we respected that consenting adults should be free to have their relationships.

Donna could have had a terrible childhood, but she didn't. Donna's mother could have had a legal abortion. They could have abandoned her in a hospital parking lot. But they didn't. They gave her a great childhood and the thanks they got was being ratted out to law enforcement, taking advantage of laws that shouldn't even exist. This is infuriating and sad. It also doesn't help to have the article call this a "dark" secret.

Living Consanguinamorously - What To Tell the Children
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  1. What an awful person Donna resulted to be... maybe the fault is on their parents for not telling her that there was nothing bad in this kind of relationships during her childhood

  2. They say evil isn't born it's made, but how the hell do you have a great childhood with loving parents and then turn around and do this to them. Dispicable.

  3. Yes, I saw this story. I feel so bad for the brother and sister, and so many conflicting emotions about Donna: confusion, anger, sadness. How could she do that to them? Why report them? I can't understand how she thought that was the right thing to do. It's so sad that so many people still do not accept consensual incest.

    Liz Smith


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