Monday, March 29, 2010

Consenting and Consanguineous

“dashingclaire” posted a hub, “Consensual Incest.” She begins with the topic of first cousins.

Can sex between close relatives ever be acceptable? As a matter of history, incest was and is an acceptable practice. There’s a myth that incest is a practice of ignorant, poor, socially disadvantaged people. Not true, right here in America well known, famous individuals married their first cousins.

She later moves on to closer relations.

There are actually at least three ‘first world’ highly Catholic influenced countries – Spain, France and Portugal – that do not prosecute consenting adults for incest. These are not ‘third world’ countries. Romania is considering following the example of Spain, France and Portugal.

More countries should not only decriminalize consenting love between consanguineous couples or groups, but allow them to marry, if they so choose.

Winding down her article, she writes…

Consensual Incest is an accepted practice in today’s American society, so much so that the storyline is included in cartoons and comedies (?) on TV.

I think people understand that it happens. However, acceptance is not a word I would use to describe the current climate. There is so much bigotry towards those these people that their relationships are often used on television shock or derision, treating the lovers as freaks to be laughed at or shamed.

Our friends in the marriage equality movement need to help bring this out of the shadows. That is why we are here.
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