Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Very Important Consanguinamory Study Results

Consanguinamory is not studied nearly enough by sociologists, in part because of prejudice.

However, Jane has published fascinating results from a study. Hopefully, this will be just the start of more extensive research.

Go see the results.
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  1. Hopefully studies like this will get the public to see that there's nothing wrong with these relationships.

  2. Very interesting study. Some additional questions that I would be interested in for future studies:

    1. How would you describe the area where you live? urban, suburban, small town, rural. I think there is a stereotype of consanguinamory only occurring in rural areas and it would be good to dispel that myth.

    2. Apart from the issue of marriage equality, how would you describe your political views? Wording may be difficult because "liberal" in many countries has more to do with classical liberalism which to Americans may closer to modern conservatism than progressive liberalism. Again, it would be interesting to see if this community has a wide variety of views on issues of economics, foreign policy, abortion, gun control, etc.

    3. How would you describe your ethnic background?

    4. Were you raised in a religious household?

    5. How religious would you describe yourself?

    Considering most religions frown upon this, I would be very curious as to the religious backgrounds of those who respond. For those who have always been atheists/non-religious it is a non-issue. For those raised Christian (for example, since those Respondents speak English it is likely to be the dominant religion over Islam, Buddhism, etc.) I am curious as to how they reconcile. They may have fallen away from the religion they were raised. They may have a different interpretation for the scripture verses that have traditionally been interpreted to condemn their actions (in the same way many same sex couples simply find a more welcoming church). This goes behind the scope of this blog generally, but I would find it interesting.

    All in all I think it would be good to break down stereotypes and show how diverse these participants are. Good Job to Jane!


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