Saturday, January 12, 2019

Is Being Poly Genetic?

The Ferrett addresses, “Polyamory Genetic? Is Homosexuality Genetic?”

My thoughts on a genetic polyamory link are the exact same as my thoughts on a genetic homosexual link:

I don’t care.

Right! We have many things, including the technology I’m using to write this and you are using to read this, which are not part of our genetics. What difference does it make? See Discredited Argument #5.

Even if the gays were, as some suggest, all conspiring in one big plot to annoy us fine-thinking straight people, wincing as they sucked distasteful d--- and reluctantly chowed p---y out of some misplaced form of rebellion, it should still be allowed.

The truth is, gay sex is between consenting adults, and it hurts no one but those adults – there are way more deadly car accidents caused by beers than queers. You may consider gayness to be a bad choice, but two people should be free to make bad choices together. And what people want to do for fun in their private life is something that should be allowed, no matter how distasteful it may be to me.

Agreed. See Discredited Argument #1.

We often get caught up in the “nature vs. nurture” aspect of gay and transgender issues, forgetting that this is playing to the conservative bent. What’s important is that people all over the world should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit assuming they’re not actively harming anyone, and as such Teh Gay Should Be Okay.

So is gay genetically disposed? I say probably, but it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.

Getting to polyamory…

I’m sure there are tendencies genetically towards certain aspects that encourage polyamory, but polyamory is such a complex term, encompassing so many styles of relationships, that I don’t think a single set of genes could really cover it.

I think we have enough evidence that some people are not monogamous; it goes against their nature, whether being polyamorous can be found in their genes or not.

But it’s irrelevant. I’ve heard it said that after gay marriage gets settled, they’ll be coming after the polyamorous relationships next.

We can only hope. Actually, I’d like to see it all settled at the same time; full marriage equality.

Miranda commented…

For people questioning their identity, I can see how it would be helpful to know that this is what is natural for you. But do we have to use it to justify ourselves with the opposition? I’d rather not anyway.

Yes. It doesn’t matter if someone is turned off by something, or thinks it is harmful to the lovers. An adult should not need to get permission from some politician to be who she or he is and love the person(s) she or he does in the ways to which they mutually consent. An adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adults, without prosecution, persecution, and discrimination.

Is polyamory natural Is polyamory genetic Is being polyamorous natural Is being polyamorous genetic Is polygamy natural
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  1. I don't agree with the choices you make as being genetically oriented. I really get tired of scientists who always try to justify everything by how you were made. NO sometimes YOU just decide for yourself what you are happy with.

    I could be in a poly relationship if I really wanted to, but it's MY choice, that I PERSONALLY don't want to. My genes aren't telling me nothing, I swear lol.

    Sorry, I get a little bit irritated when scientists want to act like we are simply bound by how we were made as a way to live, and that we are just mindless organisms incapable of making our own decisions without our genes coming into play...give me a break. I think some scientists have gone a little....mindless.

    1. Totally agree, I hate genetic determinism, long live to the epigenetics!

    2. I don't really get into religion or philosophy on this blog, but yes, some scientists (and others) have the view that the physical universe is all that exists; nothing supernatural our outside of nature exists, and that ALL behavior is the product of the physical chemistry of genes.

      My larger point is that it doesn't matter what is "natural" or not. If we stick to what's natural, nobody with deficient eyesight can use laser eye surgery or corrective lenses.

    3. Yes Keith, it doesn't matter.

    4. It's not just morally irrelevant to jump on the evolutionary psychology issue, it's mediocre science. You know what we're genetically, evolutionarily predisposed to be? Social, political, conscious, and flexible. What is Play Dough predisposed to be? Certainly not a full sized functional skyscraper, but beyond what it's not, you can't say what it is. Same for human nature. Psychology, sociology, economics, and anthropology exist for a reason.

  2. Not that I know anything, but maybe it could be genetic in some cases and not in others. I agree, I don't think it matters either, but it's kind of interesting to think about. It might not be that some people are born being polyamorous, gay, or consanguinamorous, but people could have inherited some personality traits and view points that could influence how open they are to those ideas.

    It could also just be that they didn't inherit anything, but if their family had poly, gay or consanguinamorous people, they would more likely be more open to the idea of those things. And they might be more likely to have those kind of relationships because it's more normal to them in comparison to someone who didn't grow up with people in those relationships. Someone who grew up in an all straight, non-poly, non-consanguinamorous family might not even allow themselves to consider having one of those type of relationships, even if they later realize they want that, because that's how they were raised.

    It doesn't matter if scientists find out any of that's genetic unless they use that information to fight againt laws. Like saying "You can't arrest/ imprison this person for that because they were born to be that way". I think it's stupid that they would need an excuse like that anyway being it shouldn't be illegal. It would be kind of cool if that information helped somehow, though.

  3. The link to his article just goes to another one of your posts, Keith.


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